Impressions of a Mother in our High School program in Paris!

Parents always want the best for their children. And when it comes to education, there is no exception. Choosing the right school is not an easy task, let alone when choosing a high school abroad.
One of the main reasons why students choose to travel abroad and attend school in France is to learn French. However, there are numerous advantages of attending high school in France, for example.

Exploring Paris

As a Nacel student, you will have the amazing opportunity to explore the enchanting City of Light, filled with unfamiliar sounds, landscapes, flavors and smells that constantly challenge each of your senses while being surrounded by a strange yet intriguing environment.

One of our students recently came back from her trip to Paris, where she attended high school while living with a French host family for 6 months.

Here is what her mother had to say about her daughter (Jackie) recent experience abroad: There is no question that she has grown and matured in the last five months; has gained remarkable insight into the cultural differences between our North American and the European approaches; and recognized the significant role of the rest of the world in relation to Canada.

Learning outside of the classroom

There is no better way to practice a language than by fully immersing yourself in French culture. You have to live and breathe it 24/7. Her French is much stronger and, amusingly, it has been noted that she now speaks the language with a bit of a French accent! Her marks from the school are quite good, especially as she was only in the half-year program.

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Living with a French host family

The support of a host family is fundamental when living in France. You will pick up the language much faster, and the host family can show you around and answer every possible question you have during your stay, advise you on safety, and look after you.

You will always have a family away from home and friends for a lifetime. I want to take a moment to tell you how fabulous the host family was for Jackie! The mother spoke fluent English and we were a great team for parenting needs from near and far. There were a few aspects that had to be handled due to teen and cultural differences and I can't imagine a better host family for discussing, problem-solving and follow-through for my daughter.

Discovering a new and improved you

Attending a high school in France is a great opportunity to develop your social skills, boost your confidence, and increase your self-esteem. "Jackie will benefit from this experience for the rest of her life! We want to thank you for all your efforts, support, and encouragement for Jackie as well. Never to be forgotten, always cherished, and tremendous life lessons Jackie will benefit from this experience for the rest of her life!

We would certainly endorse this opportunity for any student considering an overseas study program. Without the NACEL program; the generous sponsorship and your guidance, I doubt this trip would have been possible for our girl otherwise.

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