Tips to learn languages

10 reasons to learn a language abroad

Learning a language abroad is always a great choice. If you're here on Nacel's blog, you surely already have your own motivations to learn a language abroad... But maybe you'll find some new one in this post! 1-Getting the right accent... Read

10 tips to raise money to fund your language trip abroad!

Many students want to participate in language course abroad, but money is often an issue. At Nacel we tried to find the best tips for you to raise some money to help financing your language courses abroad! 1-Do jobs for your neighbours and family lik... Read

Top 10 mistakes you should not do abroad!

Students' safety while abroad is really important for us at Nacel. There are common mistakes one quickly learn not to do abroad, like driving on the right side in the UK. Please don't even try it :) But for some other mistakes, a quick remind... Read

Top 10 Advices to Cope with Cultural Shock!

When one goes abroad, especially for a long stay, he can feel overwhelmed by a strange feeling named cultural shock. This is not a fatality, and cultural shock can be fought! Find out how by reading these 10 advices! 1-First, you must know what ... Read

Scholarships and financial aids for Spanish students

Spanish students who want to learn a language abroad may have the opportunity to receive scholarships for their trip abroad. Here is a small review of the scholarships Spanish students could be eligible to: -Becas MEC: These Becas MEC are schola... Read

10 Reasons to Learn English

Learning English is almost an evidence for many people around the world. We wanted to give you some reasons why learning English is so important!  1-English is the most spoken language around the world. 1 out 5 persons understands it! 2-Many of ... Read

10 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

Feeling like learning another language could be interesting but you need to be totally convinced? Read these reasons and youll want to start learning a foreign language right away!  1-You will be able to increase your global knowledge, understan... Read

Travel abroad and Visa: How Can I Know What I Need?

Travelling abroad is not always easy. It may come with many complicated stories, from the planning to the departure back home. However, most of the time, you are helped through the preparation process by qualified staffs. But for some issues, you wil... Read

International Prom at Saint Paul Preparatory School!

Prom night is a very famous tradition from the American High Schools. Many teen movies have a prom night inside, from  Grease to Twilight. Who has not dreamed of living one of these parties for real? Students at the Saint Paul Preparatory School... Read

Discovering London and Learning English at the Same Time?

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the United Kingdom? Discover London, its worldwide famous places, see changing the guard, visit the Royal Palace Nacel offers an exceptional program that combines language courses and a visit of London and its s... Read

How to Prepare Yourself to a Language Travel Abroad?

Participating in a language trip abroad is an important decision, which requires a lot of preparation. Here are some advices on how to prepare yourself for your language trip abroad!1-The first important thing is to carefully choose where you will be... Read

10 Tips to Cope With Homesickness

During a language travel abroad, you are away from home, from family, from friends Sometimes, you can feel as lost and have a strange feeling, which is called homesickness. Homesickness is when you miss your own country and family. Its different from... Read

Tips to Improve a Language on Your Own!

When it comes to learn a foreign language, there are many options. The most effective is a travel abroad to learn the language! But if you cant afford to learn a language abroad or if you are planning to improve your language skills before your langu... Read
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