Do you have a passion for Italian food: pizza, pasta, Chianti wine? Looking for recipes of spaghetti? Interested in Italian football? Do you wish to discover Rome, Milan, Florence or Venice during your next holidays? Looking for a villa on the Italian Riviera? Having a passion for Italian fashion and design? Are you lost in Little Italy? Needing to translate something from Italian to English?
There are 1000 reasons why you may be interested in the Italian language, gastronomy and culture!
Italian is spoken by about 63 million people, especially in Italy but also in Switzerland. Speakers using Italian as second or cultural language are estimated around 120 million. Italian and Italian dialects are widely used by Italian immigrants and their descendants in several countries around the world. Italian is also widely taught in many schools. Italian is the fourth or fifth most taught second-language in the world.

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Italian is a Romance language originally spoken in Italy and part of the Italo-Western group of the Romance languages. Italian is considered to be one of the closest resembling Latin in terms of vocabulary and Italian grammar is very close to other Romance language’s grammar, which make the learning process easier for French or Spanish speakers. The language is written with the Latin alphabet.

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CILS: The CILS ( CELI: The CELI (Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana) is an alternative test for non-native speakers of Italian. Candidates should be able to communicate in Italian in a limited number of standard everyday situations. The test consists of four sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

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