The French Language and the Teenager!

When you have made up your mind to study abroad in France, remember that it is not only the French language you are about to learn, but also the French culture.

  • Anywhere you go outside that place you call home, you have to treat local traditions and values with the respect they deserve. I know, sometimes during your teen years, it is easy to think you are going to live forever and that everyone besides yourself and a close circle of friends just doesnt understand anything at all.

  • You may fancy yourself a bit of a rebel. Well that is fine, but being a rebel doesn't consist of being condescending of a way of life you may know very little of. Youve heard of the expression, when in Rome, do as the Romans do Well, when you study abroad in France, try to emulate a bit of the French spirit as well.

  • There is a rumour going around that the French tend to be a bit stuck-up and snobbish, a general misconception that will quickly fade away as soon as you are faced with the reality of encountering its inhabitants. But they are however, a proud society. And they are big on conduct and appearance, so you are likely to get a better introduction to the French language if you dont waltz in looking like an adolescent copy of your favourite rock star. And the classroom discipline they uphold while giving French courses may be stricter than you are used to.

  • As the educational system and the path to higher learning is held in as high regard as religion in other countries, they don't take the opportunity of learning for granted, and even if you are a fidgety teenager the tutor of any French course will demand your complete attention and your respect.

Now, with that said, this is France, and not some country hidden away in a mountain ridge void of all influences from the outside world. France is a vibrant, modern country, its cultural outlet has a major impact all over the world, and in whichever part you end up when you study French in France, you are likely to find a variety of opportunities and activities to release some of that pent up energy youve collected during class. So all in all, just muster up as much of that teenage common sense you have when you study in France, and the experience of learning the French language will also include experiencing the warm and hospital culture of your host country.

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