10 reasons to take a German language courses in Germany!

Germany. It is one of the world's leading powers and a place of great beauty. If you are a teen and are interested studying abroad, then you need to check out these 10 reasons to take German language courses in Germany.

  1. Immersion. You can only truly learn a language when you are immersed in it daily. This means going beyond just studying it an hour per day in class. Studies have shown that if you really want the language to stick with you, then you have to be surrounded by that language constantly.

  2. College. Colleges are competitive and getting into them becomes harder each year. If you want to stand out to an admissions board, then traveling to Germany to study the language is one way to make yourself stand out.

  3. The view. Germany is known for its mountains and other natural wonders. There is nothing like the view at the German wilderness to really get your day going.

  4. The city. If the country side isnt your thing, thats ok. Germany has you covered. The cities in Germany vary from the small to the truly urban.There is something for everyone in Germany.

  5. Music. When you think of German music, you might think of some of the older styles of oompa bands, but Germany offers much more than the traditional styling. Most of the current trends in fashion and music go through Germany before entering the rest of the world.

  6. Art. From contemporary artists like Kippenberger and Richter to Herzog and Durer, Germany has a fantastic art community. Where else better to study a language than the place where you can study its artistic culture?

  7. Food. Believe it or not the food is more than just sausages and various sour mashes. German foods are known worldwide for their assorted flavors; all of which do wonders for the taste buds.

  8. Night life. There is a buzzing nightlife in most places of Germany. This will give you the perfect opportunity to explore the lifestyles of people your own age while practicing the language you are studying.

  9. History.The historical importance of Germany cannot be overstated. Germany then, and now, is one of the worlds focal points. It is one thing to see something on the History Channel, but until you walked on the same cobble stone path ways, you really wont understand the German people and culture.

  10. The people. The people in Germany are fantastic. Germany welcomes visitors and the people are enthusiastic to see someone trying to absorb their culture and language. Life-long friends can be made in Germany during your educational travel experience!

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