German Host Family ? Some advices to get along with your host family ! 

Here is some advice about life in Germany, especially in a German host family.

  • Inform the family Inform the family and tell the members when you will be at home, when you need to wake up... so that they won't be worried. If you want to rest, tell the family that you are going to your room: don't isolate yourself without advising your family. They could think you are feeling bad in their home.

  • Be thoughtful A little present, like flowers for your hostess or a round of ices for the family, will show your hosts that you are generous. Your gift will be highly appreciated.
  • Be open to German activities If your host family offers you to participate in activities, accept! If you say no because you are too shy to say yes, your family may take your "no" seriously. So say yes if you want to do something. Bring with you some clothes adapted to sports since German people love sports. Bring also clothes adapted to rain!

  • Children If there are children in your host family, try to spend time with them. Try to communicate with them, but never reprimand the children.

  • Open up Bring pictures of your family, home town... so you will be able to speak about your life home to your German host family. They will be very interested in discovering your life.

  • Always be polite Always be polite with your host family. Don't forget to say Bitte and Danke when you ask for something.

  • Vocabulary When you try to communicate with your German host family, try not to use expressions that could be misunderstood.
    Instead of expressing things from a negative side (Ich will nicht, Ich mag nicht, etc.), try to use positive expressions (ich m chte lieber, es wrde mir gefallen...).

  • Food Try to taste everything your family offers you. Don't do comparison and always congratulate your hostess. Breakfast is really important in Germany: don't neglect it! If you want to cook a meal from your country, ask to your German host family their authorization, as well as how do electronics work. 

We hope these advices have been useful! Share your German experience with us!

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