Hockey High School in Canada

If you are interested in sports and improving your English, participate in this Hockey High school in Canada!

Nacel helps you to study in Canada for a semester or school year. Experience a completely unforgettable English immersion. Attend high school and live with a Canadian host family

Hockey High School in Canada - High School students winning a hockey game Hockey High School in Canada - American Students playing in the snow Hockey High School in Canada - Exchange Students in a School tripHockey High School in Canada - Exchange students in Canada Studying
  • study abroad Canada
  • age from 15 to 17 years old
  • Language English
  • dates August to June
  • length Semester, Academic Year

Be an exchange student in Canada and practise Ice Hockey!

Choose our Hockey High School in Canada!

Nacel welcomes international students in Canada: they will study in a day school and have the opportunity to practice various sports including Hockey! 

Each school week includes both instructed sport activities and academic studies. 

The Hockey High School Program is designed to offer players an opportunity to develop their individual skills and tactics, at various levels.


Homestay, full board.
Living with a host family is the best way to learn firsthand about another culture. The language you have been learning will come alive as you make new friends, share their culture and discover new things about yourself and your world.
Host families are carefully chosen by a local Nacel Coordinator.  Hosts welcome their student as an additional member of the family and provide care and support a home away from home. The student should be prepared to take part in family life and to help with various tasks around the house (making the bed, doing dishes, etc.), as a full member of the family. During the stay, a student may be hosted by more than one family. Becoming part of a community of families and students abroad is an enriching experience, bringing growth, self-confidence and an increased awareness of the world we share.
The personal growth and communication skills gained from an experience abroad can make an important difference in college and in career goals.


Application Procedure:

The application to your student exchange in a Hockey High School in Canada is done in six stages: Many other options are available on request, like credit or non-credit programs, in various locations in Canada, as well as a bilingual program in Montreal.

1. A Nacel education adviser will carry out an interview with you and your family to determine eligibility. English level, good education results and maturity, are key points to be accepted on this program. 
2. Once you are ready to apply, you will need to complete an online booking form. Once this is done, we’ll be sending you your application forms. They need to be filled out and returned to us in PDF file format.  
3. Once you are accepted in the program, we will issue the formal acceptance letter and start working on your placement.
4. Arrangements are made for your placement, and are communicated to you
5. We will issue all the necessary VISA support materials for you to initiate the process at the nearest embassy.
6. Once your visa is accepted, you can determine your travel arrangements and we will organize everything for your arrival. Please provide us with your flight itinerary as soon as you have them available. 

Program Deadline: 

April 1st for arrival in August; October 1st for arrival in January. Late applications may be accepted up to May 1st, depending on availability and visa delays.


Hockey High School program in Canada

* Price in Canadian Dollars per participant.

Not included : Application Fees (65 EUR)

Price includes

  • Administration fees
  • Host family accommodation with full board (students have to prepare their own lunch bag)
  • Mandatory school fees (schools will ask for a deposit for books) – core subjects only
  • Medical, Liability and Emergency Repatriation Insurance
  • Custodianship Declaration and notarized documentation for the visa application
  • Support, assistance and 24 hour emergency phone number during the whole program

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Extra activities organized by schools and others
  • Daily transfers from family to school (bus passes)
  • School supplies and calculators, uniforms and sport uniforms, club or team fees
  • Extra language courses
  • All domestic transfers in Canada
  • Sports programs additional costs
  • Individual transfers for arrivals outside of scheduled arrivals and departures
  • Legalization of High School Transcripts (225 CAD)
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
Apply at least 6 months before arrival.

Apply for your Hockey High School program in Canada at least 6 months before arrival.
Late applications may be accepted, depending on availability and visa processing times.

Program Specific Requirements:

  •     Applicants must be between 15 and 17 years of age.
  •     Students must have a minimum of 2 years of English language studies.
  •     Students must be secondary school students in their home country.
  •     Students must not have completed more than eleven years of primary and secondary studies

  • Testimonials

    My son has a lot of talent playing hockey. I know that thanks to the training that they propose in their school their level of English and hockey will improve with time. He likes Halifax very much and his host family treats him very well. Thank you Nacel for your quality programs. We are in touch! 

    Mathias B. (15)

    I'm doing well at school in Halifax. I'm here for a semester and I think the time here will fly fast! I play basketball at school and I really like the sporting atmosphere at this school. My host parents cook very well. So I'm happy. Everything is going well :)

    Yvonne R. (16)

    Teachers and classmates are great people. I have been very surprised by the support I have received. I feel at home, even though my home and my whole family are many miles away. Sport is something important in my life and being here in Canada playing a sport that I love is the truth like a dream! The coach is very professional and knows how to lead the team well. It's a very good atmosphere and that's great! 

    Daniel Z. (17)

    Good program!

    Youssef M. (15)

    Good program!

    Youssef M. (15)

    My school exchange in Canada for the school year couldn't be better! I am very happy. Thank you for your support.

    Huseyin S. (16)
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