High School Exchange in England

Experience the life of a British College student and immerse yourself into the British culture and way of life.

Thanks to this High school exchange in England, You will attend every week three academic subjects as well as English language classes. You may live with a British homestay or experience our international student residence. 

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  • study abroad United Kingdom
  • age from 16 to 19 years old
  • Language English
  • dates September to June
  • length Academic Year

Be an exchange student in England, Lincolnshire

Your High School exchange in England with Nacel International:
Exchange student will be welcomed in a British College located in the region of Lincolnshire, England.
The College was established in 1964 and received the British Council Beacon Award for its welfare and support of international students. It offers a high standard of education in a safe, friendly environment with good modern facilities. Each year the College welcomes 1600 students including about 200 students coming from more than 20 different countries around the world. It has an established reputation in international education (20 years of experience) and is a good choice for your High School program in England. The College is located in a market town on the East coast of England. A train journey to London takes less that two and a half hours.

This is a one year course which prepares exchange students in England for the 2 year A-Level or the 1 year International Access to University. Students will attend: IGCSE English, IELTS course, Core English, GCSE Math, Core Math and 3 options to be chosen among Business, History, Psychology, English Literature, Law, Sociology. 

Most exchange students in England join the AS program (Year 12) or the A-Level (Year 12 and 13). The A-level, short for Advanced Level, is a General Certificate of Education qualification in the United Kingdom, usually taken by students in the final two years of secondary education. The College offers around 15 subjects (see below). Students may choose 4 AS subjects + English as a Foreign language.

The College also offers a wide range of vocational diplomas at Level 3: these vocational diplomas called BTEC last 2 years and are the equivalent of 3 A-level courses, with a more practical focus.

We know offer international students to atend a British College for 4, 8 or 12 weeks (non credited program). Inquire!

What should I expect from my school year in England?

During the A-level studies in England, the College course load is approximately 20/25 hours a week, depending on how many subjects are studied, exchange students are also expected to have their own study time, say 30/35 hours in total. There are many possibilities to participate in sports activities at the College. Popular sports include football, basketball, squash, table tennis, tennis etc...The College has an all weather sports pitch, as well as a gym (at discount price) and a swimming pool which is free for students every lunch time and Wednesday afternoons. The College also runs sports clubs, two evenings per week after class. A social program is organized throughout the year for exchange students, wit day trips, activities, theme park visit, ice skating, trips to larger towns etc.

Graduation is possible during your experience in a High School exchange in England. 


Host family, half board or student residence, on a catered or self-catering basis.


Please request more information through the contact form.  


High School exchange in England

Sold Out for the school year 2022/2023

The application to your student exchange program in England is done in five stages:
1. An interview is carried out with you and your family to determine eligibility
2. You complete the application form and return it to us with supporting documents
3. We issue the formal acceptance and start working on your placement
4. Arrangements are made for your placement and communicated to you
5. You determine your travel arrangements and we organize your arrival

We wish you a successful exchange in a High School exchange in England! 

Price includes

  • Administration fees
  • School registration, tuition fees
  • ESL support courses
  • Host family on a half board, or student residence placement, on a catered or self-catering basis
  • Airport pick-up and transfer (on arrival only)
  • Orientation on arrival
  • Support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole program

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • International Travel insurance
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Extra activities organized by the school
  • Extra language courses
  • Exam fees
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
  • Medical and Emergency Repatriation Insurance
  • Application fees (65 euros)
Apply at least 4 months before arrival.

Exchange students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted in this High School exchange in England (preferably in English).
Specific requirements for the PRE A-LEVEL program (European Union students only):

  • an intermediate level of English (pre-English test required). Score must be equivalent to IELTS 5.0.
    Specific requirements for A-LEVEL and BTEC programs (open to all students):
  • the equivalent of 5 GCSEs at C or above; some subjects require a grade B or an overall B/C profile.
  • an intermediate level of English (pre-English test required). Score must be equivalent to IELTS 5.5.

  • Testimonials

    A year stay at this College gave me an unforgettable experience, helped me to develop my English skills through the EFL classes on a higher standard. I have gained many valuable experiences, which I can apply in the future. A wide range of school trips helped me to broaden my mind and it showed me the further possibilities in life. The education system in the UK is different from the one in my home country, teachers were much more helpful and their attitude to students was much better.  I lacked a more frequent interaction with local students unfortunately, since most of my classmates and friends were international. I couldn’t avoid contact with the students from my home country, which were around every single corner of Boston, either! :-) Overall, I found the college part of my studies excellent, but I was a bit disappointed about the mentality of local people and the services provided in the town, moreover there were nearly no possibilities to do sports, as it collided with my timetable and I came here to study.


    "I found this College, generally a good place to study. Lessons are interesting, and the staff and teachers are polite, helpful and understanding. They are wanting to help when you have got a problem in, or outside school. For me, it was hard in the beginning to understand and communicate while on lessons, but I could always ask for support, and I was slowly getting better. One thing that I especially like is, as this is English School System, that I can choose the subjects which suit me best. This makes the learning less hard as I'm learning what I want to learn, and I'm not bored on lessons. However, I had a problem at the beginning with writing essays as we do not do it often in my polish school, but then I got used to it. School is modern with access to library and so the computers, which are also helpful during lessons.
    My personal experience is quite good. I met new people from many different places, and they are usually kind.
    Overall, I really liked living in UK, and I saw many new places."


    Hi everybody, My name is Martin B., I'm 17 years old student from Bratislava, currently studying abroad in England. It's very difficult to express how thankful and happy I'm to be here. The opportunity, to go study abroad, is the thing everyone should pick up. It helps you, not only improve your English, you also meet lot of new people and learn how to communicate with the new world. If you are afraid of missing your family and friends, don't worry, one year might sound like a long time, but once you find friends and settle down in your host family, the year abroad will be great experience for you. Martin


    "Dear Nacel, Me and Iris are writing this letter to you to tell you about our experience in England. Our goals and motivations before applying to this program were to learn English and to get to know English culture. We chose to come to England and not to go to USA because England is closer to our country and we can learn the most spoken language. As we are an EU country we didn’t have to request visa for UK but we had to fill in the forms for applying at college. When we arrived in UK we were welcomed by the college staff and we met our new mates. Boston is a small town with a big supermarket and lots of nice people. The good part of this program is that at the end of the year we will have an Academic IELTS certification for English language and some degrees in the subjects we studied that could help us for university application. Our future plan is to apply for university here and maybe to continue the college here. Best regards, Alex and Iris"

    Alex and Iris (17)

    I'm delighted I came to College in England with Nacel, the lecturers are excellent...

    ​...they are always available to help if needed and as there are no barriers you can ask any questions. I'm currently predicted 3A*s at A-Level with the hope to go on University College London to study Economics and Business with Eastern European studies, with the dream of one day becoming a Director of a company or owning my own business.

    My one word to describe my College would be lovely.

    Milan C.

    One of the best things about the College is ‘being able to find out who you are’, and to ‘find your balance’. I enjoyed the fact that everyone is open minded about equality, and it’s OK to be who you are’.”


    I improved my English, met new international people, and visited new places. I did everything that I was looking for at this College. Greetings from Argentina.

    Martin (16)

    Greetings from Martin Derco - short term academic program in Hampshire England is an interesting country and for me it was extremely exciting and fascinating to become familiar with daily life here. Spring/summer must be ideal for staying here, by the sea. Speaking of school - Hampshire is a nice and friendly place to study, with many facilities and a wide range of enrichment programs. The British education system is definitely much more individual and suitable for everyone's needs than the Czech one, however the school seems to be much easier in general. I met here many new friends especially from the international department (eg. from Germany, Chile, Poland etc.) but some UK students too. Best, Martin D.

    Martin Derco (16)

    I was able to do my A-level in England last year and I highly recommend this experience! teachers care about you and people there are very friendly! I made many friends while studying in England and I hope to see them again soon after my first year of college. Thank you very much, Nacel, for this opportunity. I will always be grateful ! 

    Rachel Z. (16)

    I was able to do my A-level in England last year and I highly recommend this experience! teachers care about you and people there are very friendly! I made many friends while studying in England and I hope to see them again soon after my first year of college. Thank you very much, Nacel, for this opportunity. I will always be grateful ! 

    Rachel Z. (16)

    I studied in England for 20 weeks. It was awesome!

    Ryan F. (16)

    I studied in England for 20 weeks. It was awesome!

    Ryan F. (16)
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