High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program)

High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program)

High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program)
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Travel to Spain with Nacel and experience a high school exchange in the Madrid Metropolitan Area! 

You will be welcomed by a Spanish host family who will accompany you during your stay there to improve your Spanish skills and learn more about the Spanish culture and way of life. You will go to school every day like a Spanish student. You will not doubt use this unique opportunity to enjoy Madrid region's tourist attractions

Explore Madrid and boost your Spanish, and choose a High School Study Abroad in Madrid

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  • study abroad Madrid Greater Area Spain
  • age from 15 to 17 years old
  • Language Spanish
  • dates September to June
  • length Academic year
  • price from 14990 EUR
High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program) : Description

​Next possible start dates: January 2025 and August 2025. Apply now!

Student exchange in Madrid

Your High School exchange in Madrid with Nacel.

Our exchange students are hosted by a Spanish host family living in Madrid Metropolitan Area, so around the city of Madrid. You will attend academic classes in a local private High School. There are usually no classes on afternoons; some Spanish high schools offer optional workshops/extra-curricular activities in the afternoon, which may be at an extra cost. You will be able to inquire about the possible extracurricular activities when you start school in September. Spanish students may attend 10-12 subjects a week. 10th offers a good number of mandatory core subjects, while 11th and 12th offer students to specialize into Science, Social Science or Humanities (as well as Arts in some schools). Some of your subjects would therefore depend on the stream you choose. 

Attend a private high school in Spain

The Spanish educational system is divided into 3 stages: elementary education (from 6 to 12 Y.O.), secondary education (from 12 to 16 Y.O.) and the baccalaureate degree (from 16 to 18 Y.O.). Main subjects of secondary education are mandatory and cannot be chosen: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Plastic and Visual Education, Spanish and Literature, Foreign Language (English), Mathematics, Music, and Technology.

During the 2 years of the Bachillerato, students should take at least Physical Education, Philosophy, Spanish and Literature, Foreign Language and History. There are 3 more subjects to study, depending on the Spanish high school's offer: Technical Drawing, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Latin, Greek, etc. Each school also offers some optional subjects that may be chosen depending on the interest of the student. The grades and subjects chosen depend on availability at school and on the Principal's decision.

Study abroad in Spain

Spanish host families are warm, open, and outgoing. They enjoy the opportunity to share their culture, country, and way of life with a young person from another country. Within this high school exchange in Madrid, host families receive a payment to cover their hosting costs. They open you to their home and family and hope to build strong friendships and exchange great moments with you. 

If you are open to any other destination in Spain, don't miss your dedicated High School exchange in Spain! Another opportunity for you is to do a student exchange in Andalusia

Program Highlights

  • Depending on the grade, general classes in Maths, Sciences, Spanish Literature & History & Geography, etc.;
  • Public schools promote a good foundation of knowledge but also foster other skills such as presentation skills, learning independently, and other soft skills;
  • Private schools strive for academic excellence and foster a balanced growth for their students, with all sorts of sports, art forms, and sometimes quite unique skills learning activities;
  • Meet the local teenagers, and make friends with typical Spanish kids.
High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program) : Video
High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program) : Accommodation

During your High School Study Abroad in Madrid, you live with a Spanish host family in Madrid Metropolitan Area, providing full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and much more!

Please note that placements may also be arranged in other locations in Spain. Inquire!

High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program) : Procedures

Please request more information through the contact form

Apply no later than March 10th for an arrival in September and no later than September 10th for an arrival in January. 

High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program) : Prices

High School exchange in Madrid Metropolitan Area, Spain

* Price in Euros per participant.

Not included : Application Fees (65 EUR)

On offer: School Year Abroad Madrid. 

Price includes

  • Administration fees
  • Host school placement and local orientation
  • Host family accommodation with full board
  • Airport pick-up and transfers to/from host family (Madrid airport)
  • Support, assistance and 24/7 Hotline during the whole program
  • Medical, Liability and Emergency Repatriation Insurance

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance (luggage lost, flight delay etc.)
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Extra language courses
  • Books, lockers, laboratories, yearbook, class ring, letter jacket, student activities etc…
  • Local transportation from and to school
  • Extra activities such as sports, excursions, etc…
  • Airport transfers different from arrival and departure dates or at another airport
  • Domestic flights
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program) : Deadline
April 1st for September intake; September 15th for January intake.
High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program) : Eligibility

Exchange students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted for a High School exchange in Madrid.
A minimum of two years of Spanish study (A2) and good academic results are required to study in Spain.

High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program) : Testimonials

Before my student exchange in Madrid, I was in Madrid twice with my parents. Those trips helped my parents to feel confident about my studying abroad project. Madrid is awesome! It’s a brilliant city, where art, music and good food complement each other well. It's the capital of Spain, but the school district is safe. Spanish people are very welcoming. I have felt at home since the first day.


At school in Madrid, everybody cares about you. You're the new one and you come from another country. Many Spanish classmates were interested in where I came from and that made me feel good. My host family has been very kind to me and thanks to them my adaptation in Spain has been good too. I will return to the United States to finish my senior year. If exchange students come to my school, I will talk to them so that they do not feel alone and feel welcome. For an exchange program to work well, it is very important to have a positive attitude and a welcoming environment. I think that was the reason for my successful school year in Madrid.


I feel like I'm doing all my best during this High school exchange in Madrid program. I study every day after school and do my homework. If I don't understand something, I know the Ramirez can help me or my teachers at school. I prefer to study all week so I have free time on weekends for my hobbies: skateboarding, shopping with my friends and spending time with my host family. I love going out with them. They always know where to eat well or find books at good prices.


I have studied Spanish for many years in my school. To be studying in Spain for a year, the cradle of Spanish, is a dream for me. Spanish is a very beautiful language and many people can speak español.


My grandparents were Spanish. I never met them, but I've always been interested in Spanish culture. Studying in Madrid is the best option to improve your Spanish. What I like about Madrid is its big parks and shops. There are very nice clothes and accessory shops. I would like to study fashion at the university afterwards. My host sister also wants to study fashion so we understand each other very well.

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