Scholarships and financial aid for french studentĀ“s travelling abroad!

Travelling abroad to learn a foreign language is a big adventure, and financing it is one of the main issues of the project! Luckily, there are some scholarships available to study abroad as well as financial aids to help you to learn languages abroad.

In this article, you will find some scholarships and financial aid French students can apply to!

  • The Caisse dAllocation Familiale (States Social Aid Authority in France) If your family fits some incomes requirements, you could be eligible to the CAF financial aids. These financial aids may be used to finance language trips abroad or summer camps. Just ask them! 

  •  Works council Companies works council may help employees children by giving out scholarships for summer programs or financial aid to study abroad. Ask your parents about that!

  • Local Authority (Mairie for example in France) Some local authorities in France can help by giving financial aid to the young residents of their town. This financial aid can be a scholarship for summer camps or a scholarship to study abroad.

  • Twining Committee and local cultural organizations In some cities, there are twining committees who encourage cultural and language exchange by offering financial aid and scholarships to study abroad or grants to learn the language of the twin city!

  • Regions and Departments Most regions and departments in France hand out financial aid for summer programs or study abroad scholarships. You should try to see if you could be eligible to a scholarship to learn a language abroad!

  • Ministry of Education The Ministry of Education offers scholarships to study abroad. To be eligible to these scholarships, there are really specific requirements. Check the Ministrys website to get more information about these financial aids to study abroad!

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers some financial aids to help students study abroad. Check the website to see if you could be eligible to one of their scholarships to work or study abroad!

  • Organizations and Foundations Some organizations and foundations offer scholarships to study abroad. Most of these scholarships are highly selective and are awarded to excellent students in a specific academic field. Search on the Internet!

  • Firms, banks, pension funds and mutual funds Some international firms can offer scholarships to volunteer abroad or grants to study abroad. Some funds can also offer financial aids to study abroad or scholarships for summer programs. You should ask to your parents one if they do.

  • German-French Office for the Youth (OFAJ) This Office offers many financial aid opportunities to study German. French students can get scholarships to learn German in Germany through this office. 

  • Embassies and intercultural cooperation offices Some Embassies offer scholarships to learn their countrys official language. Offices and associations promoting international understanding can also provide scholarships to study broad!

  • European Commission The European Commissionoffers financial aids for students who wish to learn a language abroad by studying abroad or working abroad. The most famous European Commissions scholarships are Erasmus (for students) and Leonardo (for interns).Visit the Commissions website to collect information.

  • School Sometimes, if your school teacher organizes a travel abroad but your familys funds are really limited, your school can help you to pay the fees, by providing you a scholarship or financial aid to travel abroad with your classmates! 

I hope these few tips will have been helpful for French students who want to learn a language abroad!

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