Scholarships and financial aids tips for language travel abroad !

With this blog we want to help students prepare their travel abroad trip.
Unfortunately, one of the most difficult steps in studying abroad can be to fund the trip.
This article will help you get general tips on where to go to get scholarships or financial aid for your language travel abroad. We will then regularly publish country-specific scholarships' lists!

  • International or local organizations

Some international organizations offer scholarships or financial aid to study abroad. You can have a look on the internet to see if you can find such a scholarship.

  • Companies

Some companies are doing some patronage by handing out scholarships to students. You should have a look at their website in order to see if you could be eligible! Generally speaking, these are national companies that will offer help to students of their country: for example, a bank!

  • Parent s work

Sometimes, your parent's company can offer scholarships or financial aid to its workers children. Ask your parents to get more information at their workplace or work's council!

  • Services providers

Some services providers, like Mutual Insurance Companies, banks, pension funds can offer scholarships to students sometimes.

  • School and local district

Your school or local district can sometimes offer scholarships you haven't heard of. Ask them if they have some scholarships that could help finance your language travel abroad.

  • Clubs

Some clubs also give away financial aid or scholarships for language travel abroad

  • Office

In some countries like Spain, the Education Office is really involved in making the students learn another language, and offer scholarships in this aim. You should have a look at your Education Office website in order to see if it offers scholarships too!

  • Specific scholarships

Some foundations offer specific scholarships. Most of these scholarships require a perfect academic record and foundations will often ask for an essay. These scholarships are almost always aimed to a particular kind of travel abroad program and may have very specific requirements. They are usually highly selective.

  • Welfare benefits

In some countries there are financial aids to help modest families in funding their children's holidays. You should try to see if you can benefit from these aids in your country.

  • Beware of the scholarships scams!

Many people try to take profit of students credulity in order to make money out of them. If someone tells you that you have won a scholarship, but that you need to pay a fee in order to get it, it is most likely a scam! Just type scholarship scam in some search engine and you'll find plenty of examples of that!

To get ideas to fund your travel abroad. This is not an exhaustive list of scholarships or financial aids, but just a lead:) Stay tuned for our new articles, since we are going to publish citizenship-related scholarships tips!

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