Academic Year in Italy: Student's Testimonial

An academic year abroad is a wonderful experience for a student who decides to participate in these kind of programs. Here is another testimonial: Viviana is a young Ecuadorian student aged 19. She is currently participating in an High School Program... Read

17 Advices to Get Along With Your Host Family Abroad!

In many travel abroad programs, participants are hosted in a local host family. If this is a tremendous experience, here are a few guidelines you should follow in order to enjoy this trip! 1-Be polite! This may seem to be an evidence, but always... Read

Academic Year in Spain : Kari's Testimonials!

Wanting to know how life abroad looks like? Here is Kari s testimonial! Kari is a young 18 years old American girl who participated in our High School Program in Spain. She accepted to answer to some questions about her academic year in Spain! 1... Read

Work and Study in Canada: Ababacar's testimonial!

Here is Ababacar's testimonial. Ababacar, a young 26 years old French student, is currently participating in the Work and Study program in Canada. The Work and Study program in Canada allows students to learn English in a carefully selected langu... Read

Host Family in England and Ireland: Food Tips!

You are going to Ireland or to England, and you will be hosted by a local host family? Here are some useful information and advices related to food and meals! About meals! Generally, there are 3 meals in the UK: -Breakfast: you will generally have ca... Read

American Host Family: General Information about Life in USA

Want to get general information about American life, especially in an American host family? This article is for you! About customs If you get in touch with the police, always stay calm and polite. :-) Regarding clothes, American are very tolerant, bu... Read

American Host Family : About Meals and Hygiene

Meals and hygiene are two important components of everyday life : if you are going to live in an American host family, these advices below may be very useful! American Meals There are usually 3 meals in the typical American day: Breakfast Taken aroun... Read

Host Family in Spain : About Spanish Meals!

So you're going to Spain, and you want to know how meals are taken there? Read this short article to get more information about Spanish meals! In Spain, there are three main meals. Meals are usually taken late. Breakfast (desayuno): Usually taken... Read

Canadian Host Family : About Manners and Meals in Canada

Going to Canada? The advices below will help you with meals and manners there! :-) Meals -Food in Canada can be different from the one you are used to. Try to sample everything, and if you don't like something, say it (politely and tactfully) to ... Read
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