Why choose a summer homestay immersion in France? 

Depending on the program, we either have a selection of volunteer or stipended host families who welcome students into their homes. If you choose our junior homestay in France, our host family is volunteer. 

Our host families choose to host an international student in order to exchange, to discover a new culture, to give their own children the taste of overseas countries and all of them have the aim to share their own life culture and language. They welcome an international student as a new family member and the student should adapt to the host family’s rules and habits. Our host families will share their daily life and will help the student improve his/her French.

What should you expect for your summer homestay immersion in France


All our host families are visited by our local coordinators. They are selected according to the quality of accommodation, the good environment and, most of all, their morality and motivation to host and share. They are police checked.

Our host families are representatives of our country. They have different social and economic backgrounds, with or without children, single or divorced, working or retired and homosexual couples. Students have to be prepared to share their everyday life with a family different from theirs.

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Nacel is the only decision maker regarding the placement in a host family. Before matching a host family with a student we make sure the student and the family have common interests. Except if the stay is in a specific area of France, the student can be placed in any geographical area of the country and in any host family.

The change of family can happen for several reasons. If the request for a change is founded, Nacel will proceed. If not, Nacel will support all parties until a solution is found.

Host family details can be sent until the international departure. In 2018, we have sent host family details in an average of one month prior to the student’s international departure.

Host families generally welcome one international student at a time (except for language schools). If they welcome more than one student, the two students must have different nationalities and/or different mother tongues (except for groups).

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