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ELIGIBILITY: Sometimes from 16 years old, generally speaking from 18 years old.

DESCRIPTION: Travel and learn a language in a one of our international language schools abroad! This program allows a total immersion of the students in the studied language.

As a general rule, the program starts with a language test which enables teachers to determine the participant's level on arrival. Courses can be organized in groups or for individuals only (one-to-one lessons). These language schools, generally open all year round, are well equipped with educational material (books, tape recorders, videos, language lab, library etc.…).

Our language schools are highly reputed and offer a variety of programs: General language courses, Business language courses or even Examination Preparation courses (for TEIC, TOEFL or Cambridge Certificate preparation).

Language schools also organize socio-cultural and sporting activities as well as excursions and visits. They often take place on afternoons (mornings are dedicated to language courses) and on weekends.

DESTINATION: French language school in France, Spanish language school in Spain, English language school in the United States, English language school in England, Spanish language school in Costa Rica, Spanish language school in Mexico, Arabic language school in Morocco, Chinese language school in China, English language school in Canada, German language school in Germany, English language school in Australia, English language school in Malta and Italian language school in Italy.

APPLICATION: Students interested in a course in our language schools need to fill out the application form corresponding to the destination and school chosen. We will then confirm the availibility of the course for the dates indicated.

The choice of a language school is based on its duration (from one week to several months), its intensity (number of lessons per week, generally between 15 and 30 per week), and the number of participants per course (maximum of 15 participants). Some schools offer courses in mini-groups composed of only 8 participants.

Other selective criteria are the access to a language laboratory, the school's fame, the diversity of the extra activities and the facilities offered by the school, the location of the course, the professional experience of the teachers, the goal of the course as well as the required language level on arrival or aimed by the participant.

Language schools carry out a very rigorous selection of their teachers. In order to ensure a quality program, teachers are generally natives of the taught language and/or have a long experience in teaching abroad. They are graduated of a B.A, Master or a PhD. Pedagogy, experience and strong skills are the principal criteria fot the recruitment of the language school teachers.

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