We offered Scholarship to Spanish Student´s! Do you want to participate for a Scholarship ? 

Spanish students who want to learn a language abroad may have the opportunity to receive scholarships for their trip abroad.
Here is a small review of the scholarships Spanish students could be eligible to:

  1. Becas MEC: These Becas MEC are scholarships for students and teachers. There are specific conditions in order to be eligible to these scholarships. Students must apply to these scholarships during the first trimester of the year, in general.
    The Spanish Education Office offers Becas Mec to learn English, but also to learn other languages like French and German.
    In 2009, these scholarships were of 1700 euros for a 3-week stay abroad for students and 2100 euros for a 6-week stay abroad for teachers.
    If youre Spanish and plan to go on a language trip abroad next year, don´t forget to visit this website to get more information about the Becas Mec 2010!

  2. Becas Fundesfor: These scholarships allow Spanish students who fill some really specific requirements (relating to the mining industry) to study language in the European Union or in Spain. These scholarships are great because one can benefit from it up from 3 years in total!
    Consult fundesfors website to see if you are eligible to this program!

  3. Becas de la UE: The European Union offers many scholarships to European citizens wanting to study abroad. The most famous European scholarships are Erasmus scholarship and Leonardo Da Vinci scholarships.
    The Erasmus Scholarship is for university students taking part in an exchange and allows them to study abroad in another European country for a while.
    The Leonardo Scholarship is for students wanting to do an internship in another European country. The European Union also offers many specific scholarships related to particular areas, as well as scholarships to teachers. To see all the European Union Scholarships, visit the European Commissions website.  

  4. Becas from the Chinese Embassy to learn Chinese The Chinese Embassy in Spain offers some scholarships to Spanish citizens wanting to learn Chinese in China. You should consult the Chinese embassy's website to get more information about these specific scholarships!

  5. Scholarships from La Caixa The obra social from La Caixa offers scholarships for graduated students wanting to study abroad. Visit La Caixa website in order to get more information about their scholarships and their requirements.

  6. Scholarships from Rotary International" This organization promotes international peace and acts in this way by offering some scholarships to young students wanting to discover another country. Visit Rotary Internationals website to get more information about their scholarships!  

General advices for Spanish students: where to find scholarships and financial aids? For Spanish students searching a scholarship or a financial aid to fund their language travel abroad, there are still many scholarships opportunities we haven´t talked about in the above suggestions.
Try to see with local organizations and academic districts if they have some scholarships available.
Some institutions like work's council, banks, mutual companies or big companies offer specific scholarships.
Don´t be afraid to search through their websites or to call them!
Consult also our article giving general advices for scholarships and financial aids!
If you have other tips for scholarships or financial aids for Spanish students, dont hesitate to send us a comment!

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