New Country ? Learn some language tips!

Learning a new language is always a challenging prospect, even for people that aren't necessarily trying to achieve fluency. Students who are learning a language abroad can still make their transition to speaking a new language much easier by keeping a few basic guidelines in mind.

  • Language tips when in a new country: People visiting countries where they don't speak the native language should always carry dictionaries with them or download an app in the language where they are visiting. It's perfectly common to carry a dictionary, or check your app, for quick language references. Dictionaries and apps that offer pronunciation guides and lists of handy phrases are the best for people that don't have a lot of experience with a given language.

  • Taking some language classes before arriving at your host country will assist you in learning the basics. The initial stages of learning a language are often the most difficult ones overall, but once you get past the initial nervousness, you will see that it wasn't as hard as you thought.

  • While in your host country, take the time to try to read the street signs, listen to music or watch television. Immerse yourself into the language! Learning the grammar of a given language can be harder than simply memorizing a list of useful phrases. However, having some understanding of a language's grammar can actually make it easier to memorize certain phrases and learn new ones. The more familiarity people have with a language, the easier it will be for them to adjust.

  • Native speakers will vary in how they react to non-native speakers, but most people are courteous and will be willing to help out anyone that's having a difficult time. As long as travelers are friendly and respectful of native speakers, they will usually be treated nicely when they ask for assistance.

There's no reason for travelers to be afraid to ask people for help. Since 1957, Nacels programs have provided young people with the opportunity to discover new things about themselves and the world around them in safe and fun learning environments. Contact us for more information!

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