Enjoy your homestay immersion program and read these advices to get along with your host family abroad !

In many travel abroad programs, participants are hosted by a local host family. If this is a tremendous experience, here are a few guidelines you should follow to enjoy this trip!

  1. Be polite! This may seem to be evidence but always use please, thank you, and such words (in the local language naturally)!
  2. Don´t be afraid to ask questions! If you are not sure if you can do something, or how you should do it, just ask!
  3. Try to communicate! Even if you don't speak perfectly the language, you're here to learn! Tell them about your day at school, your own country.
  4. Discuss issues! If there is something that is a problem for you, speak about it. Don´t go snapping around, but take a polite tone and try to explain why this is bothering you, and what could be the solution.
  5. Take time to get to know your family! You may have a first impression after arrival, but a few days after, when you'll get to know them, this is likely to change for the best!
  6. Help with housework! You will be surprised how much your family will appreciate if you offer your help! It will help with communication too!
  7. Spend time with your family! Don´t stay alone in your room, try to spend time with your hosts, participate in family activities, and watch (and help) cooking If you feel like relaxing alone, just explain that you are tired, so that they don't misunderstand your behavior!
  8. Show interest in your family habits, and way of living.
  9. Ask what the rules of the host family are: how long you can have a shower, if dinner time is flexible, and whatever comes to your mind. This will help avoid problems!
  10. If you can´t be home for a meal or plan to come back late or stay out overnight, just phone the family to tell them!
  11. If you break something, offer to pay it back.
  12. If you have a key for the house, take care of it. If you lose this key, let the family know immediately!
  13. If you don´t know how something works (electronics, shower, or whatever) , ask to the family. They will understand that it is different in your home country!
  14. Keep your room and the common places you're using tidy!
  15. If you are cold, dare ask the family if they have more blankets, or put more clothes. Don´t let yourself catch a cold!
  16. Ask the family what the food policy is, and if you are allowed to help yourself or not.
  17. Finally, don´t forget to relax, have fun, and put things into perspective! You're here to discover new things, so don't forget that the main purpose of this trip is to change your habits!

We hope these tips will have helped you to go along well with your host family abroad! Don´t forget that most of these tips can be useful once back home with your family or in a shared flat! If you have some tips to share with us, don´t hesitate to let us a comment!

How can you make your homestay experience amazing?

Here are some tips to make your homestay amazing. It's a great opportunity to improve your language skills during an unforgettable life experience.

Living with a foreign family can have many challenges, such as culture shock. Here are some ways to make the period more enjoyable:

  • Practice the language: living with a host family is the perfect setting for practicing the language in an encouraging environment. Your host family will probably speak your native language to some extent.
  • Observe local customs: you will probably have a good idea of local customs and behavior as soon as you arrive in the country. But you should do your research beforehand and never feel embarrassed to ask your host family.
  • Keep in touch with your homestay organization: remember to keep in touch with the organization that placed you with your host family. It's good to let them know how things are going. They will be pleased to know that everything is going well.
  • Stay open with your host family: once you've got used to life in another country, you'll feel more comfortable and confident. Maybe you want to travel or stay with the new friends you've met.

You can find more tips in our article: "10 tips to make your student homestay amazing for everyone!".

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