7 Simple Steps to get Highschool credits for a study abroad!

You are planning to do a language program or an academic year abroad, but are you not sure about the process to get credits from these courses abroad?

Follow the simple steps below and get credits from your High School program abroad!

Step 1: Choose your program 

The first step is to choose your program, its length, and the country you are going to visit! Are you planning to go to France and live with a family for 2 weeks, or going to a whole academic year in Costa Rica? The decision is really important, since the length, type of program, and destination are the main factors that will be considered to give you credits.

Step 2: Gather information

Once you have decided where and with which program you want to travel abroad, gather as much information as possible about the school system, classes, grade system etc. With the help of this information, you will be able to create a simple report of your program abroad, with classes you expect to attend abroad.

Step 3: Meet your High School counselor

This is a very important step. Your High School counselor is here to help you and advise you the best he can about your plan to study abroad. You need to be able to give him/her a clear and objective presentation of your study abroad program. He/she will be the one that will decide whether to give you High School credits or not. You can also speak with your language teacher and try to involve him/her in the procedure, especially if he/she encourages you to study abroad or has a good knowledge of the educational system abroad.

Step 4: Gather information, once again, and until departure

 After your meeting with your counselor, it is likely that you will have to prepare more documents, to assert that your program abroad will follow your school district requirements. During this step, always be in touch with your counselor and don't hesitate to ask him/her if you are not sure of something!

Step 5: Study seriously

 Well, it may seem to be obvious, but it is highly advised to attend courses seriously and do your homework, as if you were at home, to get good grades abroad. Send to your US school counselor your final choice of courses and level of classes, to get his/her final approval.

Step 6: Collect the right documents

When your program abroad is almost finished, don't forget to speak with your teachers and school principal abroad. Even if they must have documents to fill for you since your arrival, it is better to remind them that you have to bring back home these papers with you, so that they don't forget to fill them out!

Step 7: And never forget that...

If everything goes well, you should get High School credits for your program abroad. But if you don't get these credits, never forget that your experience abroad will be highly valued by colleges, universities, and employers: speaking another language and being fluent in another culture is a tremendous asset nowadays, and you will get life credits from it anyway!

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