Learn a foreign language!

You're eager to learn a new language?

Here are some advises on what you can do to achieve it!

  1. Learn on your own: you can begin to learn any language on your own, for example by reading newspapers or books in the language in question, listening to the radio, watching TV or a film you already know in the language in question with or without subtitles in the same language... You can also buy some course books, generally with CDs, or have a look at the Websites that enable you to learn a language on-line (that can even be free!)

  2. Speak with a native speaker: it's more and more common to find people who want to learn your language while they teach you theirs. You can easily find that on the Internet, as well as a foreign penpal!

  3.  Study at University: if you're eagger to learn new languages, try to find a University that offers a wide range of language courses. Specific degrees based on foreign languages study also exist of course! And who knows, you may get the opportunity to enjoy a stay abroad with the Erasmus exchange program or other specific agreements! =)

  4. Going abroad with language travel agencies: these are organisms that offer a wide range of language courses abroad, through homestays, language schools, home lessons but also other programs such as internships or jobs, language teacher assistant... They usually offer lots of different languages to learn!

You can of course combine various of the above advices to make your language skills improvement more efficient! Of course, these are not the only ways to learn a new language, so be creative!

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