What to do during your free time abroad? 10 ideas of activities you can do!

So, you will be going abroad, but you are a bit anxious on what to do during your free time and how to take the most out of it? Stop worrying, here are plenty of ideas to enjoy your free time abroad!

  1. Before going, check how much free time you will have! If you don´t have many, select what you must absolutely see and what is not that important!
    If you really want to enjoy every moment of your trip, don´t leave planning to the last minute; get started immediately.

  2.  Also, buy a guide of the city/country, they often offer ideas of activities or itineraries. Check out reviews and recommedation form other travelers. 

  3. If you are in a language school, try to participate in the activities organized, since they are often cheap and interesting.

  4. Try to discover the local culture: go to a bar, get acquainted with locals! Ask  refences about places you can go and visit! 

  5. Please be sure to visit all cities must-sees, but don´t forget to discover typical, less-known places like a little, hidden restaurant!

  6. Ask to locals if they can advise you about what to see or do. There may be activities you havent thought of!

  7. If you love sports, try to book a ticket for a game during your trip!
    It will help you discover this citys atmosphere from another point of view!

  8. If you are in the city for a long time, take advantage of it to rent a car with friends and discover the countryside.
  9. Take advantage of your stay abroad to take local cooking lessons! You can even sometimes book it in advance!

  10. If you are abroad for a long time and love to help other, you can see if there are any volunteer opportunities.

This would be a great experience for you and also will help you get new local friends!

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