Benefits of learning Italian in Italy!

Italy is the home of art, fashion, family and tight-knit communities.

  • The traditions of Italian culture are centuries old, and strictly adhered to.

  • Social meals, personal interactions and business meetings all have formal rules regarding appropriate interaction. While that may seem inflexible, the Italian culture is well-known for its casual, fun atmosphere.

  • Italy is a safe environment with friendly people, which makes it a great choice for teens who want to expand their ability to speak and read Italian.

  • Italy offers some of the most prestigious schools for students of fashion, art and food. Attending an educational travel program in Italy as a teen can give students a distinct advantage, especially if their area of interest lies in fashion design, art studies and cooking.

  • These programs are highly competitive, but attending an educational travel program can open opportunities and experiences that the student may not have otherwise had. Studies show that students who are fully immersed in the native speaking culture learn faster, are more capable of understanding regional dialects and slang expressions typically used by native speakers.

  • All of this helps teens communicate more effectively when speaking Italian, and is especially beneficial for teens hoping to land jobs that will require international travel or communication with Italian business contacts. Studying Italian in Italy gives teens a unique experience and enables them to better understand Italian culture by being direct participants. These experiences can help shape the teens view of the world around them, and where they fit into the larger picture.

The contacts, friendships and associations made while learning Italian in Italy can benefit teens as they reach new academic heights. It also opens future possibilities for travel, education and business as they enter adulthood.

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