Are you going to study abroad in Australia ?  Read this Advices to help you integrate yourself to your family abroad! 

You are flying to Australia and will live with an Australian host family. You may feel a bit afraid since you don't know what to expect of the family, or how to behave.
Here are some general advices to help you get along well with your Australian host family.

  • Don't go there as a tourist! The whole point of a host family is to help you experiment the everydaylife of the country. It is really likely that your Australian host family will work and won't have a lot of time to take you out! Enjoy the time you will have with your Australian host family but don't expect them to have so many time.
    If you are going there with a group program, don't go there to meet your friends: you will be in Australia to experiment the Australian life, so you wouldn't benefit as much of the experience if you are always with friends from your country. 

  • Don't go there only to improve your English! Your family knows you want to improve your English and will always be pleased to correct you when you are wrong.
    However, they wouldn't understand that you have traveled to their country and live with them only for this. Share your own culture, try to be open.
    Also, if a member of the family or a child in the neighborhood is learning your own language, you would please him/her by challenging him/her sometimes!

  • Open yourself to your Australian host family! Give your friendship to your Australian host family.
    Share your feelings with your family, but always pay attention to the vocabulary you are using, since some expressions like I don't care or It's stupid is a bit strong.
    Your host mom and host dad will want to be your Australian parents: call them how they tell you to do, without hesitating!

  • Share your family expenses! Even if you don't have to, your Australian host family will appreciate small marks of attention: for example, flowers for your host mother, or a round of ices.
    Also, if the family takes you out, always offer to pay for your part!

We hope these advices have been useful.
Remember that a host that is open-minded, smiling, polite and generous will always go well with his/her host family! Share your experience in Australia with us!

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