How to behave to get along with your American Host Family?

You are flying to the USA soon and will be living with an American host family? Here are some information you should know before departure in order to get along well with your family!

  • Think of yourself as an ambassador of your own country! When you will be in the USA, you will represent your country, so your behaviour abroad will help forge an image of your fellow citizens abroad: be proud of it but don't act like your country is better than the USA: they are just different countries.
    American are really proud of their country, and they wouldn't understand if you were not proud of your own!

  • Share your culture and your feelings! Once in your family, you will see they want you to feel comfortable, like a true member of the family. Call your host parents the same way their children do.

  • Offer your help! Being a host doesn't mean you should act like you are in a hotel: offer your help for little chores like walking the dog out, dressing the table... In addition to please your family, these little chores will be good occasion to communicate with your American host family!

  • Share some expenses! A good way to show that you are well educated is to share some expenses. If the family takes you out, always offer to pay your own expenses like tickets. You can also offer some flowers or a little present to your host mother. A round of ices will surely please everyone too!

  • Open yourself to your American host family! Bring some pictures of your family or life abroad: you will be able to explain your everyday life to your American host family! Don't stay alone in your room, it could be misinterpreted by your host family. If you are tired and want to rest, inform your family. If your family offers you to participate in activities, always accept it. If you say no to be polite, your family will take this no for what it is, I.e, a no. Don't waste opportunities! If your American host family has young children, try to have fun or play with them! Pay attention to misunderstandings and misinterpretations: some expressions like it's stupid, that you could say innocently, could be misinterpreted by your host family.

  • Be autonomous In your family, if there is a teenager, it is likely he will have a job: Americans are encouraged toward financial independence, and having a job, especially during summer, is something usual. Your American host family will have already thought of the problems such a situation could give, and may have associated friends and family so you won't be alone! Your American host family will expect your to be able to take care of yourself.

If you are an enthusiast and open-minded host, you will be able to integrate yourself quickly to your American host family and you will live a wonderful experience!

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