General information about life in the USA!

Want to get general information about American life, especially in an American host family? This article is for you!

About customs

If you get in touch with the police, always stay calm and polite. Regarding clothes, American are very tolerant, but monokinis are forbidden. You have to behave really carefully with people of the opposite sex since something that would be considered as usual in a Latin country could lead you to the Court in the USA!
In many American States, weapon possession is legal. It is highly recommended to stay calm in all situations. People less than 21 can't smoke or drink, and are not allowed to buy such things. If they want to do so, they will have to prove their age. Smoking is not really appreciated in the US and is strictly forbidden in many places.

Social life

Social life and communities are a really important component of American society.
As an ambassador of another country, you will arouse a lot of interest, maybe you will even be interviewed by a local television: always answer positively to such manifestation of interest!

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American houses

Most American houses are made of wood. American houses are generally open: the kitchen, dining room and living room often communicate.
In most houses, toilets are in the bathroom. So, if a member of your American host family tells you he has to go to the bathroom, he may not be speaking of having a shower! Most American houses have a front and backyard, and the front yard often communicates with neighbors'one.

American Host Families in Florida

Florida is home to many hispanic families. If you are going there, you may see the parents speaking Spanish, and the children speaking English: it is a good opportunity to practice both languages!


In many families, Sundays are dedicated to church. Even if you don't share your family's beliefs, if they offer you to accompany them to the service, they would be pleased to make you discover their own culture. Your family could not understand your refusal to accompany them. However, if they are proselyte, don't hesitate to signal it to your local coordinator if that bothers you too much and makes you feel uncomfortable.


The USA is a big country: you will have to use public transportation a lot, and expect journeys of around 60 to 90 minutes!

If you have other useful information about American life, don't hesitate to share it with us!

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