Learn how to raise your money to fund your language trip abroad!

Many students want to participate in language course abroad, but money is often an issue.

At Nacel we tried to find the best tips for you to raise some money to help financing your language courses abroad!

  1. Do jobs for your neighbours and family like baby sitting or pets sitting, lawn moving

  2.  Try to make an event like selling bakeries, car washing, and have a sign explaining why you are raising money!

  3. Create a weekly budget youll have to stick by! Try to cut off all your unnecessary or extravagant expenses, and keep the money youll have saved to finance your language trip abroad!

  4. If you have good grades, some clubs and organizations offer scholarships to gifted students!

  5. If you are not that good at school but highly motivated, you should ask to your school district, language clubs, and local organizations if they offer scholarships!

  6. Organize a garage sale. Try to have friends, family, neighbours, giving you things they dont use anymore. You will be surprised how many money you can get out of such a sale! 

  7. Ask to a local store if you are allowed to do present wrapping. This works best on Christmas, but dont neglect other holidays like Valentines day!

  8. Ask to your school if they allow you to run a convenience store during breaks, selling snacks, beverages

  9. Some companies are specialized in found-sharing items! You may have a look on the internet and use their services to have original things to sell!

  10. And dont forget to thank everyone who helps you in this great adventure! If someone has helped you a lot, you can even send him a thanks card once abroad! Maybe you had already thought about some of these ideas!

 Anyway, if you have another tips to raise money, or want to write us about your own "how to raise money for my trip" experience, send us a comment!

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