Destinations: Italy

Age: From 14 to 18 Years Old

Language: Italian

Dates: September to June

Length: Term, Semester, Academic year

Price: From 6540 EUR


Be an exchange student in Italy

The High School exchange in Italy gives international students the once in a lifetime opportunity of enjoying the unique and picturesque Italian lifestyle whilst attending a local public school with other Italian classmates.

We have a wide network of volunteer local coordinators all across Italy, and students may be placed in various locations within the country. The participants of this high school exchange program in Italy should be open minded and flexible in regards to their placement's location, as well as try to get involved with their volunteer families.
Based on each individual student’s needs, exchange students may be enrolled in one of the following school types:
-    Classic High School (Liceo Classico)
-    Scientific High School (Liceo Scientifico)
-    Fine Arts High School (Liceo Artistico)
-    Teacher Training School (Istituto Magistrale)
-    Artistic School (Istituto d'Arte)
-    Technical Institute (Istituti Tecnici)
-    Professional Institute (Istituti Professionali)

Highlights of the Program:

- Orientation Camp on Arrival: Upon arrival, students are transferred to an Orientation camp in the majestic Milan. Here they have the opportunity to meet other fellow young travellers and take part in an intensive language course 4 hours a day for 4 days.
- Local Coordinator Support: Each student is assigned a local volunteer representative who is in charge of ensuring the welfare of each of our students. Our local coordinators are usually teachers from the local schools looking to further develop international exchanges in their local community.
- Free E-Learning Course: Our High School exchange in Italy offers a free e-learning platform for you to start practicing your Italian before your arrival. Contact us to learn more about this unique learning tool.

Graduation from this program is not possible.

School type:



Apply at least 5 months before arrival.


Exchange students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted for a High School exchange in Italy.
A minimum of two years of Italian study and good academic results are required to study in Italy.


Host Families

Our Italian host families are volunteer and are committed to learn about the student’s culture, and likewise sharing their customs and traditions. They are warm and welcoming, ensuring that the exchange student feels safe, comfortable and relaxed within their environment.

This being said, host families will expect the students to join in with the family activities such as days out, free time after school and also help with basic home chores.

Students will receive full board:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. School lunches are not included.


Accreditation of Grades: 

Students are in charge of finding out, along with their school counsellor, if they are able to convalidate their transcripts once the program is completed.

Our team of qualified professionals will help the students to gather the necessary documentation in order to help them, however Nacel is not responsible for the procedures and information required for this process in the home country.

The application package to the exchange program in Italy should include:
- Application form
- 4 ID pictures & family album
- Interview report
- Italian teacher’s letter of recommendation
- Grade reports for the last three years (translated to English)
- Health form
- Program rules

High School exchange in Italy
Prices 2018

Country Program Dates  Ref. Price Student´s Citizenship
High School in Italy Homestay and school integration, 4 weeks September to June IMIT1 1 890 EUROS All
High School in Italy Homestay and school integration, 8 weeks September to June IMIT2 2 690 EUROS All
High School in Italy Homestay and school integration, 12 weeks September to June IMIT3 3 840 EUROS All
High School in Italy Semesters September to January or January to June ZITS1/2 7 190 EUROS Non EU
High School in Italy Academic Year September to June ZITY1 8 390 EUROS Non EU
High School in Italy Semesters September to January or January to June ZITS1/2 6 540 EUROS EU
High School in Italy Academic Year September to June ZITY1 7 740 EUROS EU

Price includes:

- Administration fees
- Placement in a local school
- Host family placement on a full board basis (packed lunch on weekdays)
- Airport pick-up and transfer to the host family on arrival and departure
- Orientation on arrival
- Italian language course
- Support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole program

Price does not include:

- International airfare
- International Travel insurance
- Visa, passport and medical exam fees
- School excursions, books, material, uniform, school lunches if needed, school tuition fees if any
- Local transport
- Extra language courses
- Extra activities organized by the school
- Personal expenses and pocket money
- Domestic transfers
- Medical and Emergency Repatriation Insurance.
- Application fees (65 euros)

"Being an exchange student has been a wonderful experience. I’m really happy; I’m enjoying myself and I’m learning so many things.My host family is really nice. I feel that I’m really a part of the host family!!!! and I’m really happy because I had to move to a different family, but not because we had a problem, they couldn’t host me, but they are really nice, sometimes I go to their place for dinner. With my current host family I get along really well!!!! I’m doing well at school too, my Italian is improving every day, and I also have made a lot of friends. At the benning I was kind of scared because everybody told that the first couple of months of this experience are hard because you get to feel lonely or homesick, but it has been different to me because since the day I arrived I have been really happy, and the time has been going so fast that I would like to stay longer, but I can’t hehe.. NACEL has been great too; they have supported me all the time. Every day of this experience has been unforgettable!! The fact that you are away from home, experimenting a new culture, a new language gives you the opportunity to grow, it’s kind of hard at the beginning, but you realized how much you can improve and grow all the time. I do miss my city, my family and friends sometimes, but I’m aware that the time is going by really fast so I want to enjoy every single day of my year as an exchange student."


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