Homestay in France and Discovery Paris

Summer Homestay immersion in Paris - in front of the Louvre museumSummer Homestay immersion in Paris - on a Bateau Mouche!Summer Homestay immersion in Paris - selfie with the Eiffel Tower
  • study abroad France
  • age from 13 to 18 years old
  • Language French
  • dates From June to August
  • length From 2 to 8 weeks
  • price from 1940 EUR

Your summer homestay immersion in Paris: this program combines a summer homestay with a French family in France with a three-day guided tour of Paris. Discover this city's key attractions!

A classic homestay immersion in France...

Live in a French family! The summer homestay immersion in Paris offers students the opportunity to experience the French way of life and allows them to discover the typical life of a young French teenager. Students are welcomed by their host families in various regions of the country, as if they were a new family member, and spend their days, evenings and weekends with them. 

Host families come from varied social and economical backgrounds and may live in all different types of locations (in a big town, in a small city, in a village or on a farm...). No matter where the host family lives, there are always wonderful things for the student to discover and absorb. Students can be placed anywhere in the country and must accept any location.  

...with an amazing 3 day guided tour of Paris!

The three-day Discovery Paris Tour is a great option for students who wish to make the most of their stay in France to discover the famous city of Paris. The tour is organized on individual basis, to coincide with the end of the student’s summer homestay program. The student lives with a French family just outside of Paris. An adult member of the family then takes the student to Paris everyday to discover the Parisian highlights. The evenings are spent at home with the host family.

The tour includes:

  • Visit to the Tour Eiffel (3rd level).
  • Evening cruise on the River Seine.
  • Visit to the Versailles castle.
  • Then, visit to the Quartier Montmartre and Notre Dame du Sacré Coeur.
  • Visit to the musée du Louvre.
  • Then, visit to the Quartier Latin, Boulevard St Germain, Jardin du Luxembourg.
    The Tour can be arranged before the journey back to the home country, or at the beginning of the homestay.


    France Homestay and Discovery Paris - EMMA 17, USA 

    My four week experience in France with the NACEL program was fun ,interesting,and educational.

    I was placed with a wonderful host family who welcomed me into their home and helped me grow in my cultural knowledge and language skills.I was able to connect with the family before my arrival and am still keep in contact with them afterward. NACEL correspondents were very helpful in assuring that I had all of my travel details in time and was never without guidance.Representatives called and emailed both me before,during,and after my homestay to make sure all was going well .The Discovery Paris tour was very exciting and NACEL was able to place me in yet another great host family.I was able to enjoy Paris with someone who was familiar with the city and did not feel like a tourist. My France experience was excellent and I am very glad I chose NACEL.

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    The student is hosted on a full board basis.

    Volunteer French host families welcome their exchange student for several weeks in the hope that the experience will lead to lasting friendship. They look forward to sharing not only their language but also their everyday life with someone eager to participate. Host families are not required to organize activities, visits or excursions. The participant comes with his/her own spending money to cover the cost of activities.

    During the program, the student will have the opportunity to live with two French host familiesOne family living near Paris and the other living in another location. For this reason, it is important that the student specifies if he is interested in doing the guided tour of Paris at the beginning of the program or at the end.


    From 2 to 8 weeks from June* to August. Students choose their preferred length, start and end date, provided they arrive on a Sunday and depart on a Saturday.

    *Note that for the June session of this program, the student may attend a local school depending on the host sister or brother’s school (planning, organization...). Extra costs may be involved (school fees, lunches and transport) incur an additional charge. 

    Please indicate your dates on your application form.

    Price includes

  • Administration fees
  • French Homestay placement on a full board basis
  • Tour, accommodation and board for the Discovery Paris Option
  • Return Airport pick-up and transfers to host family
  • Support, assistance and 24 hour emergency phone number during the whole program

    Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • International Travel insurance
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Extra activities organized by the family or others
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
  • Medical and Emergency Repatriation Insurance
  • Application fees (65 euros)

  • Eligibility

    A minimum of one to two year of French language study.
    Participants must show that they are mature enough to participate in the summer homestay immersion in Paris, that requires:

  • Interest in learning about the French culture and language
  • Deep desire to integrate a different family and share actively their everyday life
  • Enthusiasm for improving language communication skills
  • Willingness to make new friends
  • An open and flexible attitude during the homestay in France in a French family

  • Testimonials

    "I really enjoyed my stay in France. Nacel did a wonderful job of placing me with a perfect family. They shared many of my interests, like running, so I was able to do my summer conditioning for cross country with my family."

    Melanie (17)
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