Doing a High School Study Abroad in Argentina

You have been studying Spanish as a foreign language and would like to do a school year abroad in a Spanish speaking country? Nacel offers you to go for a few weeks, a semester or even a school year abroad in Argentina. Read about the experiences of our exchange students in Argentina! 

Janis from Germany and William from Denmark now speak Spanish fluently!

In Argentina, there are a few grammatical differences around using "vos" versus "tú"!

"I'm Janis, a 16-year-old, and I did an exchange program in Argentina. I left Germany to live with a family here in Argentina. It was very easy for me because my host family received me very well, and I felt like they loved me. Here's some advice - don't be afraid and just do it, because it will be great!"

"I'm William, I'm a Danish in Argentina! I love spending time at school with my friends and everything going on there. Last month I went on two trips, and the places we went to were so nice, so different. A summer day with a barbecue with people outside and the sun shining around the swimming pool. Such a perfect day for me!"

Thank you Janis and William; I'm so impressed by your Spanish and great "local" accent. Well done! 

It is true that when exchange students choose Argentina as a destination to learn the Spanish language, they will return home with a high level of Spanish proficiency and a colorful local accent! There are some specific characteristics of Argentinian Spanish that students adopt after just a few weeks: 

  • grammatical differences, for example, with the use of "vos" versus "tú";
  • conjugation differences include when Argentinians use the present tense and the imperative mode. 

Naturally, exchange students will learn some Argentinian slang when they hang out with their Argentinian hosts! :-). Read more about Argentinian Spanish here. 

More happy exchange students in Argentina!

Jonah from Finland

"Hello guys, my name is Jonah. I'm 18 years old and from Finland doing my
beautiful exchange here in Argentina and I would recommend it to everybody if you have a chance because it will really change the way you view the world. You'll get some new lifelong friends I promise it."

Neil from Illinois in the United States

"Hello everybody. My name is Neil from the state of Illinois. I'm in Argentina for three months as an exchange student, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I love the Argentinian people. Everyone is so open. I love spending time with my friends eating Asado -  it's amazing. I love the landscapes. Everything is so beautiful. I'm in the city of Bariloche right now, to me it is the best place in Argentina. It is very nice. If you want to come to Argentina, definitely do it. it's amazing. I recommend it 100%!"

Frieza from the Netherlands

"Hello guys, I'm Frieza, 18 years old from the Netherlands and I'm doing my exchange here in Argentina. It's really really nice and I love it so much. I've been here only one and a half months and have nine months to go, but so far, I really like it - so nice - and I really recommend all you guys come and do the same!"

Tess from the United States

"Hello, my name is Tess. I'm from the United States. I'm here doing an exchange for a year in Arrocito Córdoba. All the people here are very friendly and open and they are very good to me. I love Argentina!"

August, an Australian student in Argentina

"I'm August, an Australian student in Argentina. I’ve been here for about ten months, and it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s such an amazing country. There is so much greenery and lots of rivers - it's a beautiful country. I can communicate with any Spanish-speaking person, and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned.

My family is so beautiful! I have two sisters and two brothers, and we are often together, we are seven in the family - we are always joking and enjoying time together, something so nice! It’s so beautiful! All the diversity that this country has is amazing! It’s something that you’ll never regret doing!"

Tess spent a school year abroad in Argentina! Learn more about her experience.

"Hi my name is Tess, I'm from the United States and for the past 10 months I've been living in Argentina. I wanted to tell you all a little bit about my experience to hopefully convince you to come and see the beauty of this country.

The best thing about Argentina is definitely the people - they are some of the most kind, wonderful, and spirited people. I got to be here for the World Cup - which was just a fantastic experience - getting to see the passion and patriotism of Argentinians.

Also, the food is incredible! Here, you will not go a week without having an Asado with the best meat you can imagine, fries, and always the best desserts.

I would say Argentina must be one of the most underrated places to do an exchange because there are always people that you can meet up with to hang out with. People are very interested in you and your culture, and there are always parties and other things to do.

I would definitely recommend that you come to spend a school year abroad in Argentina!"

Why choose Argentina for your study abroad experience?

Why should you do a high school exchange in Argentina? An interview of our Program Director Marcelo.

"Hello, my name is Marcelo, and I am the program director for Argentina. We welcome students from all over the world to our beautiful country, Argentina, which is one of the most wonderful and spectacular destinations in South America.

Our exchange students find it easy to adapt to the warm Argentinian culture and our way of life. This is largely because of the famous Argentinian hospitality, which makes students feel right at home right from the beginning. The Argentinian school system is also high quality in Latin America. As a result, students don't have to change what they have learned when they speak Spanish elsewhere, which is a great advantage. They feel quite relaxed in communication and have great fun, feeling very much at home.

Why should you do a school year in Argentina

  1. come to a country that celebrates life every day
  2. find yourself riding horses in the wilderness
  3. experience the ever-present football passion
  4. taste the best beef grilled to perfection
  5. enjoy sunny days and mild temperatures year-round
  6. go out and dance salsa, harp, and tango
  7. make life-long friends having fun in charming places
  8. experience the country that never fails to excite your senses

The perfect destination for your High School Study Abroad is Argentina!" 

Thank you, Marcelo! 

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