New Zealand High School Language Abroad Program

We introduce you a Katsumi Sakai, she is Japanesse and  studied a year in New Zealand , lets read her testimony:

  • I studied in a New Zealand High School for about 1 year and I really had a good experience and nice time. First, about classes I took, classes were very interesting, because each class was not just listening to our teachers story but had a time to do some kind of activities such as, solve questions by myself, watch video or do some group work. In Japan, classes sometimes have a time to solve questions but usually students just listen to the teacher and I felt sleepy and boring many times. However here in New Zealand, I didn´t become sleepy. I also felt surprise because the classes I took were really interesting and I thought I want to know more about this topic! It was the first time that I thought I want to study more. Second, about my friends. At first when I arrived in New Zealand, I was thinking that I would only meet KIWI students. But in fact, there were huge number of KIWI students, also many other international students from all over the world. It was a little surprise for me.

  • However, talking with other students from other country, not only for KIWI, was very good experience for me. I never thought I become friends from other country such as the Philippines or Chile in New Zealand. But if I was staying in Japan, I couldnt meet with them. So I am feeling I was really lucky because I could come and study in a High School in New Zealand. Of course I also could make friend with KIWIs.   At first time talking with everyone, I became extremely nervous. I still remember what I say first in my first class. However, when I talk with them, everyone was so kind and I was surprised, I thought Was talking with other person such an easy thing to do. I am now really feeling thank you because now in Japan, I can talk with other people more bravely and relaxing. Now, when I think about New Zealand, I feel that my High School was a very kind and relaxing place. I am remembering that many people helped me with smile. It was really comfortable place for me and now I am feeling thank you to my class teacher, international teacher, KIWI friends, international friends, my host family, and all people I met in New Zealand. If I have a chance, I am thinking that I want to go back to New Zealand someday.

Katsumi Sakai

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