My Educational Travel Program in the United Kingdom

The following is a testimonial from one of our students in our educational travel program in the United Kingdom.  We introduce you Juraj H, she is 16 years old, lets hear about what she have to say: 

  • First, I would like to review the service provided by my agency - D&D team, which was on a very high level, hence I was really satisfied from that. They provided me with good information, what to do and how to handle myself there.

  • Regarding Brockenhurst college - I was absolutely surprised about it, in a positive way. The school was completely different like schools in my country, in every single aspect.

  • School food, facilities, service for international students by International Department was provided very professionally, and mostly - the school teaching. Lessons there were pretty interesting, based on equal relationships between exchange students and English speaking students, moreover between teachers and students.

  • I have learned a lot of new things, which I will definitely use in a future. The third important point was my host family 

  • Sandra and Peter Fairbank. They were really nice and kind and I had very good relationship with them. We could speak about anything and they were there for me when I needed some help. I was really satisfied with the family and I will never forget them. To sum up, I would rate my staying absolutely positive, I enjoyed it there and met lots of new friends.

  • I would strongly recommend this exchange to everyone. Juraj H.

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