Looking for an American School in Paris? 

Some weeks ago we introduced you to a new American boarding school in Paris called Notre-Dame International High School. The opening is now official!

  • The official opening of the new American Nacel School "Notre-Dame International High School" was sealed by Dr Frank Tarsitano, PhD President of Nacel Open Door and Yves Le Saout, Principal of Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux. Danile Thevenin, Deputy Head, Steve Murphy, Director of the American school and Gerard Avundo, Director of Nacel Programs also attended the meeting.

  • The asset of Notre-Dame International High School relies on the fact that it combines an American curriculum with the French environment of the sister school Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux, a French school that provides an excellent education for many years now.

  • Students will then become proficient in both languages and interculturally skilled! Furthermore, this American High School in Paris will welcome students from many different countries. Some of them are from Brazil, Ukraine, Philippines, USA...

  • Students will soon come from all continents! And you, where are you coming from?! The school is due to open early September 2010 as planned. You're interested in taking part in this great project but want to know more about it?

So don't wait any longer, you're about to live the most unforgettable experience of your life! Come on and join Notre-Dame International High School's multicultural student body thanks to a High School program!

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