Nacel experience since 1957 !

Nacel proposes its services since 1957: language travels have always been appreciated by parents and children.

  • Today we can say that Nacel saw several generations, one after the other.

  • Parents spent good time with those programs, so they want their child to make this type of experience. Indeed, its the mean to make them discover a new culture, new horizons. Its a real chance for everyone.

  • Those programs change the life of the participant. Travel in a completely different country may be an advantage for studies, allow to meet people and determinate for the future.

Here is Francis testimonial!
"Francis has gone during a month for a language travel in the United States when he was 16: I would like to share with you a little story, mine, which Nacel has played an important role. During the summer 1981, I was 16 years old and I took part in a trip to the USA organised by Nacel. During a month I stayed with an American family from Colorado and even went back the following year. This short time spent abroad linked me to the American culture which had a strong influence on me and the rest of my life. After the Bac, I enter the French-American school in Paris. Two years later, I was admitted at the Hartford College. During these studies, I met the one who became my wife. Today, we have two teenagers. Ive got 45 years old and 80% of my life is the consequence of this simple language travel which, on the moment, bored me."

This testimonial shows that we should use all opportunities. We can do what we want and go where we want.

Most young people or parents who use Nacel services recommend Nacel to friends or family. Their customers are their best advertisement and they thank them very much for that. Their goal its to satisfy them and to supply them with the quality of the service and the assistance they deserve.

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