Language School in Granada: MarieĀ“s Testimonial

Marie is a French student aged 26. She decided to study in Nacel's language school in Granada for 4 weeks. Afterwards, she accepted to give us a short interview to speak about her experience. If you plan to study Spanish in Granada with us, this is a must-read!

  1. Why did you choose to participate in such a program (language school) and what were your main objectives? I chose to participate in this program because I wanted to improve my Spanish quickly. I have a diploma of International and European Law, and knowing foreign languages is important for what I'm doing, and I especially like Spanish. My objectives were to study again what I already knew and to reinforce my Spanish level. I found the application procedure well done and simple, the only problem was that it was in English (nb: Marie is not a native English speaker).  

  2. Do you think you have reached your goals? I think I have reached my goals.

  3. Speak about the school! Regarding the school, I'm very happy, courses were of my level, teachers really competent, really attentive, really open. Teaching's method was different with each teacher but adapted to students, and we were few in each class. The school was very well located since it is in Granada's center, and was less than 5 minutes away from my accommodation. The team was very warm, timetables well done. All in all, very good!

  4.  Speak about the accommodation! The accommodation was nice, well located. The only negative point is that I was living with two American students who spoke a lot of English and very few Spanish. Also, their accommodation option was different since the landowner came twice a day to cook for them, which was not really enjoyable. I think it would have been more enjoyable to put people with same accommodation option, and not 2 people of same citizenship in a flat shared by 3.

  5. How was the student's life in Granada? The school organizes several activities a week. Each time, at least one teacher accompanied us. For example, visits of the city, rutas de tapas o las teterrias. I really liked that a lot, especially the Albaycin district. Since we were not too many, it was easy to hit it off with other students, and I'm still in contact with almost all the persons I've met there.  

  6. How was Granada? I already knew Granada before going to that school and I really had a crush on the city, that's why I asked for this destination. This city is really enjoyable. In my opinion, you really must not miss Albaycin district visit, see a Flamenco show, and visit as Alpujarras.

  7. How were Spanish people there? Spanish people at school were very welcoming. I did not really suceed in meeting Spanish people outside of the school, furthermore I only stayed for a month. I really love the tradition of drinking a glass at night while eating tapas, which is cheaper than having to cook, and it is much more convivial.

  8. How do you consider this experience? For me, it was a very positive experience. I would advise this program to others because I think that it is a really nurturing experience, on the cultural side, apart from the fact of learning or improving language skills. I'm only waiting for one thing: go back to Granada, maybe with this type of program!  

  9. Do you have tips for future participants? Only one advice: have a careful look at where the accommodation is located, because even if Granada is a small town, you don't see that first, and I personally spend some time finding my accommodation. You really should not relieve on bus drivers, because they aren't helpful at all (even school teachers have confirmed this). 

Thank you Marie for your testimonial!

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