Discover local culture and prepare for a language travel abroad!

Participating in a language trip abroad is an important decision, which requires a lot of preparation.

Here are some advices on how to prepare yourself for your language trip abroad!

  1. The first important thing is to carefully choose where you will be going, and what you are expecting out of this trip. Language improvement? Discovering local culture? Fun? Choose the program that really fits your needs!

  2. Book your trip as soon as possible! This will let you plenty of time to get ready with all documents, visa, etc you may need!

  3. Start getting immersed in the language before your trip! Try to read, to watch movies, to listen to podcasts in the language as much as possible. You wont feel lost at your arrival!

  4. Plan carefully your packing! Write down what you will need as soon as it comes to you in mind, even months ago!

  5. Discover the country or city before going: buy a guide or browse blogs and websites and find information on what to do, what to see.

  6. Try to get information about specific cultural matters, such as tips, punctuality, formal or informal address, or any other country-specific things that may come handy in the end!

  7. Visit news website of the country you are going in. This way, you wont feel lost in front of newspapers headline or TV news programs, and you will know if there are any tensions in the country!

  8. Get information about the weather. Even if this seems evidence, you wouldnt want to be catch with a big coat under a sunny weather  or maybe worse, in a little top under some snowy sky!

  9. Try to know if there are some local festivities during your stay, and try to gather as much information as possible about it. Locals will appreciate your interest in their culture!

  10. Finally, get ride of all your misconceptions you may have about the country, and travel there with a curious, open mind! You may have a lot of surprises!

 Were these advices useful? Did we forget something?
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