Study abrod in Spain some tips for meals ! 

So you're going to Spain, and you want to know how meals are taken there? Read this short article to get more information about Spanish meals!

In Spain, there are three main meals. Meals are usually taken late.

  • Breakfast (desayuno): Usually taken between 7 and 10 am, it is usually milk or coffee, with cereals and milk or toasts, marmalade and butter.

  • Lunch (comida): Usually served between 2 and 3.30 pm, it is often taken as a snack: sandwich, with a fruit, a cake and a drink. However, in restaurants, it is much more generous.

  •  Dinner (cena): It is served late, around 10 pm. It can be salad, meat and vegetables and a fruit or a dairy product. In some families, dish is put in the center of the table, and everyone serve itself with its own forks and knife.
    Spanish food is really various, and each regions has its own specialties: try to taste it!
    If you go to a restaurant, tapas are served in generous portions.
    Spanish food can be considered as tasty, but with a lot of sauces and fat, so pay attention!

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