Enjoy local food with these tips!

When one goes abroad, the food can be a pleasure but a real brain teaser too!

To avoid you some problems and unwanted puking or nauseas, we have compiled some useful tips related to the food abroad matter!

  1. How to recognize a good restaurant? There are usually many local people in it!

  2. Not much money? Try to taste sample food in supermarkets and shops!

  3. Not sure of what something is? Always bring your bilingual dictionary and never hesitate to ask to the waiter to show you what something is!

  4. Be sure that the restaurant is clean. Checking the toilets can give you an idea of the cleanliness state of the place!

  5. Always be polite with the waiter. Dont be stressed out and never forger that you are on holidays!

  6. Get acquainted with the tips policy of the country before departure This may prevent little dramas!

  7. Not knowing what to take? Have a look at what the locals are eating and don't hesitate to ask the same to the waiter!

  8. Confused about what to choose? You can pick something at random; after all you're an adventurous traveller!

  9. Worried about being ill while eating abroad? Try to eat freshly cooked, hot meals. Avoid salads, eggs, cooked-but-now-cold meals, especially in summer!

  10. Forget your prejudice about local food! Yes, snails or bulls tail may sound disgusting. But youll never know how it tastes if you dont try it out!

We do hope these little tips will have helped avoiding disappointment!

But never forget to be a little adventurous with food (as long as it is not in the hygienic matter), sometimes it pays off!

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