Study in a High School in the United Kingdom !  Alex and Iris share their experience. 

At Nacel we really value our student's satisfaction. We recently received a testimonial from 2 students, Alex and Iris, who are currently on an academic program in the United Kingdom, where they are learning English while studying in an English "high school", along with English students!

This testimonial shows what their goals are and explain a bit more about their experience in the UK! The picture allows you to get a night glimpse of the school's student residence!

  • Dear Nacel
    Me and Iris are writing this letter to you to tell you about our experience in England.  Our goals and motivations before applying to this program were to learn English and to get to know English culture. We choose to come to England and not to go to USA because England is closer to our country and we can learn the most spoken language. As we are an EU country we didnĀ“t have to request visa for UK but we had to fill in the forms for applying at college. When we arrived in UK we were welcomed by the college staff and we met our new mates. Boston is a small town with a big supermarket and lots of nice people. The good part of this program is that at the end of the year we will have an Academic IELTS certification for English language and some degrees in the subjects we studied that could help us for university application. Our future plan is to apply for university here and maybe to continue the college here.

Best regards,

Alex and Iris

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