Discover the experience of Kana a Japanese student in France!

This is the story of Kana S. who came to study in France for a year. Originally from Osaka in Japan, she decided to leave her family to integrate a French host family and a French high school in order to learn the French language.

  • She wrote a testimonial 5 months before leaving France to thank Nacel for having organized her placement with Johanna and her family. Before her arrival, Kana didnt speak a word of French. Totally confused by the cultural differences, language, food, people, environment ... At first it was very difficult for her, but her situation improved very fast. At school, students do not consider her as a foreigner anymore. Her host family takes care very well of Kana.

  • She visits many places Paris, museums, Brest, theatres and tastes many French dishes such as crepes, snails etc. Kana loves butter recipes. She still has some problems with Literature and History courses and its really difficult for her to assimilate the yearly program and work on French history or a theater play she can almost not understand.

Kana returns to Japan in June, she doesn´t want to lose contact with Johanna and hope to meet again.
 Its a great experience and she doesnt regret to have left Japan to discover and understand the French culture and the French language.

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