Improve a language by our own with this tips !

When it comes to learn a foreign language, there are many options. The most effective is a travel abroad to learn the language!

But if you cant afford to learn a language abroad or if you are planning to improve your language skills before your language trip abroad, you will find below some advices !

  1. Internet gathers many self-learning websites. You can have a look at it! Many of them have fun level tests, quizzes, and activities that make it fun to practice the language!

  2. Try reading a book in the language you want to improve! 

  3. Watch as many movies or TV programs as possible in the language you want to improve!

  4. Find yourself a pen friend! Many websites offer this possibility! Maybe your school does too!

  5.  If you are particularly interested in something (sports, activity), try to learn as much vocabulary related to this area.

  6. Try to understand the lyrics of your favourite singers songs! This method is dramatically effective for the pronunciation and the vocabulary learning. Plus, you may be sometimes surprised by what they are singing!

  7. Try to speak to yourself in the local language. Imagine yourself in some situation and try to practice it! No you´re not nut As long as you don´t start speaking aloud to yourself when surrounded by others!

  8. Find a podcast that interests you in the language you want to improve! This way, you will be able to improve your hearing skills all day long!

  9. If you are a bit extreme, you can change the language on your computer, cell phone, favourite video game.
    But before, check that: 1, this wont bother anyone else; 2, you know how to put back your native language!
  10. But don´t forget! The best way to improve a language is by living, even during a short time, in the country!

Have a look at our travel abroad tips! Have these tips been useful?
Do you have another method to help self learning of foreign languages?
Don´t hesitate to share it with us!

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