You don´t  have a clue what to pack for your travel abroad ? 

When one goes on a travel, it can sometimes be difficult to pack lightly. We end up taking thing we think we are going to need, but in the end we dont use it.
Here are a few tips that can help to lighten your luggage!

  1. Make a list! As soon as you have definitively booked your trip, make a list, with what is absolutely mandatory for you! Think of the typical day and what you use.

  2. Take your destination and planned activities into account. If you are not likely at all to use certain clothes or items, don´t bring them. At worst youll be able to buy it abroad!

  3. If you want to pack lightly but not give up your fashion sense, try to coordinate your travel wardrobe around one colour.
    This way, you wont need multiple jewelleries, shoes, or bags, and youll still look pretty cool!

  4.  -Keep in mind that you don´t need to bring everything!
    Just bring your favourite, most comfortable clothes, since you WONT wear the others, and you know it!

  5. Don´t take outfits too formal just in case. Just plan something that could be used if you had to wear it on a formal occasion, but that can also be considered as casual!

  6.  If you are going for a long trip, don´t pack too much, but plan a trip to a laundry!

  7. Don´t bring if items. If you need an umbrella, a poncho or whatever, you will likely be able to buy it abroad!

  8.  Always have some washing liquid designed for hand-wash. You will be able to wash some clothes (like underwear or t-shirts) and this way, avoid extra packing!

  9. If you bring toiletries, try to have it in trial sizes, or change their traditional packages for travel-designed bottles!! Special travelling packs exist, and this will dramatically help you having lighter packages!

  10. Don´t forget! The least you take, the more you will be able to bring back

We hope these few tips will help you travel lightly!

Do you have some tips regarding travel packing not listed here? Share it with us!

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