Tips to Cope with homesickeness!

During a language travel abroad, you are away from home, from family, from friends.
Sometimes, you can feel as lost and have a strange feeling, which is called homesickness. Homesickness is when you miss your own country and family. Its different from culture shock. Here are some advices to cope with homesickness!

  1. Recognize honestly that you feel homesick. Try to understand why, and what could make you happier!

  2. If you are missing someone in your home country, try to find a way not to think of that person all day long. For example, establish regular time for emailing or phone to each other. You wont be obsessed by missing a call or an email!

  3. If you are missing something, for example, a kind of food, you may try to discover a local equivalent, or maybe buy it online or in a specialized store!

  4. If you are in a program with other students, try to get involved in their activities. Dont withdraw into yourself, try to be open-minded. Yes, it will cost you a lot at first. But it will be rewarding. And no one will take this first step for you!

  5. Speak about it with someone. Explain your feelings, why they are such. Maybe the other participants feel a bit homesick too but dont want to admit it. Maybe it will relieve them to have a confident too! 

  6. Organize a discover my culture party or event! Cook food from your country, explain your traditions You can launch a new customs with the other participants, and each week one of you will help the others discover his country!

  7. Don´t be too demanding towards yourself. It is likely you wont be always dressed the right way, popular But take it with a touch of humour!

  8. Realize that you are living a unique, once in a lifetime experience, and try to take the most out of it, at your own level at least!

  9. Take familiar things with you! Whether it is a teddy bear, a picture of your family/pet or your favourite mug, these little things can help you feel better!

  10. Take time to adjust to the local country and accept punctual homesickness. Especially if you are abroad for a long stay, you will likely be homesick from time to time. It can be relieving to let yourself being sad from a short time, but following the previous tips will help you overwhelming this feeling and get back on feet quickly! 

I hope these tips will be helpful during your language travel abroad!
Did you ever experienced homesickness?
Do you have tips against homesickness to share with the other readers?

Don´t hesitate to let us a comment!

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