Things you should not forget to bring during you language trip abroad!

When one choose to travel abroad to learn a language, there are things he should not forget to bring with him.

Some of these things are optional and will only make your language trip abroad easier. Others are more important and should not be forgotten!

  1. A Two-entry dictionary. A must-have that can save you from many misunderstandings! Also you can search for app you can use on your phone.

  2. If you will be living with a local host family, a little gift from your own country will surely please them.
    It is not mandatory, but it is a great way to start your exchange!

  3. If you are taking electronic devices with you, check if you will need an adapter!
    It is wiser to buy it before going, since there is no guarantee you will find one once abroad!

  4. Plan to take some medication for emergencies, for digestion troubles or pains (like Imodium and aspirin).
    Be sure to know how the medical system works in the country you are going to visit , should you see a doctor!!

  5. Prepare a letter you will always carry with you with emergency information like phone number to contact, blood type, any medical conditions or allergy This might be handy any problem should occur.

  6. If possible, take your alarm clock with yourself.
    You already know how it works so you wont have late waking-ups because of misuse of the local one! 

  7. DonĀ“t forget to pack something to keep you warm, like a sweater, socks...
    Even if the country you are visiting is supposed to have a nice, hot weather, a bad weather can always happen!

  8. You should always have copies of important document like passport, ID, in case you lose yours. You can even scan these documents and have an extra copy on a USB key!

  9. Money. It may seems an evidence, but having a little cash in the local money at arrival can help you with taxi, buses, small meals, etc, you may need to pay before being able to withdraw more money.
    Travellers checks are not always accepted, so having an international credit card is a good option!

  10. And above all! Dont forget to bring your enthusiasm, a will to discover a new culture and an open-mind!

I hope this article will be helpful when packing-time will come!

Have we forgotten something important one should take when he travels abroad? Send us a comment!

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