Advices from Nicolas Comby, Director of Language Studies at Nacel, for learning a foreign language.

We meet today to discuss the broad topic of learning a foreign language, whether you like a language or you need to speak it out of necessity.

Learning a foreign language: individual sensitivities and needs

We all have different sensitivities to foreign language learning. This language can be essential to your child's studies. A plus for your profession, a pleasure to be able to travel around the world or in certain regions, or simply an interest for your personal and social development. In any case, for your child or for yourself, depending on :

  • your commitment,
  • your motivation,
  • the available time you have,
  • your current language level,

our varied choice of language travels allows you to find what suits YOU.

For all programmes with language courses, whether they are academic or not, you can :

Of course, all the specialisations that can be associated, such as horse riding, drama, motor or water sports are part of the learning process since each workshop is offered in the language you have chosen.

We also offer language travel without classes, which are less demanding in terms of personal work, but just as exciting in terms of language use. There is also a component that is sometimes overlooked, which is exposure to the language. The rule is quite simple.

Exposure to a foreign language

The longer the exposure time and practice of the language, the more palpable the result and progress. So you can decide how long you want to stay : from just a few days to a full year at an Americanhigh school for example. You can set the length of your stay according to your goals. At Nacel, we consider a two-week exposure in a foreign country with our programs to be a great language experience. Of course, not all progress is immediately measurable, but you will see that the benefits of the stay will be felt for years.

If you add to these components all the time that can be shared with your host family, discussing weekend possibilities or with other international students every night in your residence, you quickly understand that everything is set up to expose you to the language for the longest, most often and most effectively.

One master word is COMMUNICATION. You have to go for it, you have to listen, you have to practice.

Above all, you mustn't be afraid to make mistakes. Many are surprised when I explain that one language trip abroad can change their livesBut I can assure you that the comments and thanks I am sometimes fortunate enough to receive a few years later often prove me right.

Call us, the experience of our advisors will be invaluable to you in defining the language travel abroad that is most suitable for your child or yourself

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