Destinations: Australia

Age: From 21 to 30 Years Old

Language: English

Dates: See conditions

Length: Term, Semester, Academic year

Price: From 1695 AUD


This program is designed for students coming from France, Germany, Italy or Japan, as their native languages are the main foreign languages taught in Australia. It’s a volunteer work in Australian primary or secondary schools as a Language Teacher’s Assistant (LTA). The assistant participates fully in the Australian schools and in the extracurricular activities arranged by the school. He/she will assist in a school’s language program and contribute in both language and cross-cultural education in the school and the wider community.
Assisting the language teacher commences shortly after arrival or once school resumes if arrival is during a school holiday.

The program objective is:
-to learn the language and culture from a native speaker, interested in language instruction and undergoing or completed university studies;
-to deepen cross-cultural understanding;
-to promote long term international friendships.

The program is selective and it is an opportunity for the language Teacher Assistants to improve their English by the participant’s own initiative to mix socially within the local community. Participants are adults and are expected to make their own opportunities. Nacel does not make social arrangements for the participant.

The program may take place in any Australian states. Participants must be willing to go to any location in Australia (preferences and requests considered, but not guaranteed). The main locations of the schools the participant is working at are regional cities (not principal ones).

The selected schools are from both the government and private school sectors, offering a high level of academic, excellence, social support and sporting facilities, available to the assistant. Both types of schools offer a great variety of choice: co-educational or single sex education, day attendance only or boarding facilities, wide range of out of school activities.


Specific Requirements: 

Age conditions: from 21 to 30 years old.

This program is directed to students looking for a career in the education field, and exposed to the day to day of a Teacher’s life.  Therefore, applicants must: 

-  Be current or recently graduated university students on the education field: this must be clearly demonstrated by a course of study background that is at least related to the field of education, or a background of work experience that is able to be related professionally or para-professionally to education.
-Have a good command of the English language (minimum IELTS score: 5.5);
-Have positive personal and professional references;
-Have a valid police clearance from the participant’s country, stating that he/she has no serious criminal record and that he/she is suitable for working with young students.

An interview is organized with the applicant before final acceptance is given.

Please note that a medical examination and/or chest x-ray, as directed by Australian Immigration at the time of the visa application is required. Nacel reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of an LTA at any time for medical reason.


Accommodation and meals are provided by the school.
Accommodation’s type:
-Australian host families (in an apartment);
-School’s boarding house.

Lunch may be at the participant’s own expense.
The host family situation is provided by the school and not selected by Nacel. Consequently, Nacel cannot guarantee the environment in which the student will live. Depending of the length of the stay, one or several families can host the participant.

Note: It is usual that a school will invite a LTA on the condition that they live in a school boarding house and assist with duties in the boarding house.


Application Process:

Students interested in this program, must be aware that there is a long application process, therefore students must hand back the documents with a minimum of 4 months prior to departure. 

-    Step 1: Participants must contact the Nacel education counselor, to arrange an interview and determine if the program fits the student’s professional needs. 

-    Step 2: Once the students have decided to become part of this program, the first thing to do is to complete the booking form. Once we receive the confirmation of payment, Nacel will share the applications to be filled out, together with a detailed guide, to have a better understanding of the VISA/ Application process. The Language Teaching Assistant Application must be completed and submitted with the following supporting documents:
Most recent academic transcripts,
Certificate of English proficiency (IELTS score of 5.5, or equivalent)
                A police clearance certificate.
                Photocopy of passport (valid for 6 months after the date of return)

-    Step 3: Once the student is accepted in the program, a letter of invitation and other documents are provided by the host school and these are sent to the applicant who can then apply for the SLAP visa.

-    Step 4: Details of flight arrival times are communicated and arrangements for airport meetings are finalized

Prices 2017

Country Program Length Ref. Price
Australia Language Teacher Assistant Term JAUT1 1 695 AUD
Australia Language Teacher Assistant Semester JAUT2 1 995 AUD
Australia Language Teacher Assistant 3 Terms JAUT4 1 995 AUD
Australia Language Teacher Assistant Year JAUT3 2 095 AUD

An applicant may participate for a Term, a Semester, three successive Terms or a School year. 

Programs of One Term:                                   

-Term 1 January – April

-Term 2 April – July

-Term 3 July – September

-Term 4 October – December

(A term program is not available October to December due to end of academic year and examination schedules.)


Price includes:

-Administration fees
-Host school placement and supervision of a language teacher 
-Accommodation/board arrangement provided by the school (except for placement in public schools)
-Nacel facilitation of the program throughout the stay
-Airport pick up and transfer provided by the school
-Support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole program

Price does not include:

-International airfare
-International Travel insurance
-Visa, passport and medical exam fees
-Local transport
-Extra language courses
-Personal expenses and pocket money
-Medical and Emergency Repatriation Insurance (may be provided by Nacel for an extra cost)
-Application fees (65 euros)

"I assist the German teacher in the classroom and prepare exercises at home. It is good to see that I can support the students in learning German. We get along very well! I have met a lot of new people here since I arrived, especially at school, who are very friendly and helpful. I really feel comfortable here. I enjoy the time!"


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