Destinations: Japan

Age: From 15 to 18 Years Old

Language: Japanese

Dates: April to January

Length: Semester, Academic Year

Price: From 910 000 JPY


Be an exchange student in Japan

Your Exchange Program in Japan with Nacel International:
During the high school exchange in Japan, international students will be hosted by a volunteer Japanese host family and will attend classes in a local Japanese high school. Japanese teachers will assist students in their integration process, because they are aware that exchange students contribute to the development of the cultural life of their school. Education has been and is still an important issue in the Japanese society: Japanese high schools expect exchange students to maintain high academic standards and to participate actively in the school life during their stay in Japan.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROGRAM IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS. Students with a diffirent mother tongue than English can unfortunately not participate in this program. 
If you are not a native English speaker, consult us, we may have other available option for you in Japan! 

What should I expect from my school year in Japan?

The Japanese educational system can be outlined as follows: 6 years in primary school, 3 years in junior high school, 3 years in senior high school and 4 years at University. The high school is called "Kotogakko", and 94% of students who have successfully passed the previous period called "Chugakko" keep on studying through higher education. Subjects are designed to last through 3 years. There are 2 kinds of programs: the general program (Language, Mathematics, etc...) and the professional program (Industry, Trade, etc...). Students wear a school uniform.

Students may start their program mid March and finish it in July (semester) or the next January (academic year).
Students may also start their progrm in late August and finish it in January (semester) or the next June (academic year).

Study Abroad in Japan

The host families are chosen with great care and are proud to share their culture and daily life; generally speaking they are able to speak a little English. 

Graduation is not possible during your exchange program in Japan.

School type:



Apply at least 10 months before arrival.


Students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted for a High School exchange in Japan.
A minimum of 2 years of Japanese study and good academic results are required in order to be able to participate to this Japanese High School Program. The language skills must be sufficient to communicate in a school environment as well as in the family life. Because of the difficulty of the language, a strong motivation is essential.


Study abroad in Japan and live with a host family, half board on weekdays, full board on weekends.


Please request more information through the contact form.  

High School program in Japan

Prices 2018

Country Program Ref. Price
High School in Japan Semester ZJAS1/2 910 000 JPY
High School in Japan Academic Year ZJAY2 990 000 JPY

The application to your student exchange program in Japan is done in six stages:
1. An interview is carried out with you and your family to determine eligibility
2. You complete the application form and return it to us with supporting documents
3. We issue the formal acceptance and start working on your placement
4. Arrangements are made for your placement and communicated to you
5. We assist you to apply for your visa if necessary
6. You determine your travel arrangements and we organize your arrival

We wish you a successful exchange program in a High School in Japan! 

Price includes:

- Administration fees
- Placement in a local school
- Host family placement on a half board basis on weekdays, full board on weekends
- Orientation on arrival
- Airport pick-up and transfer on arrival
- Support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole program

Price does not include:

- International airfare
- International Travel insurance
- Visa, passport and medical exam fees
- Local transport
- Books and materials, uniforms, school excursions
- Extra activities organized by the school.
- School lunches
- Extra language courses
- Personal expenses and pocket money
- Medical and Emergency Repatriation Insurance
- Application fees (65 euros)

It is cant only 2 weeks for program?
Aldera safira salsabilah

"My name is Angela, I am from Romania and I have participated in the high-school one year program in Japan [when I was 15 years old]. […]Learning the language from scratch in Japan made me feel like I was born again. I had the chance to learn again not only a new language, but new feelings, new emotions. I decided that I had to stay for another year in order to fully accomplish my goals there. […] It was more like an experience of learning about people and understanding myself in a different environment. My host family helped me a lot in this process. After going over a few cultural shocks and misunderstandings, soon my host mother became my best friend, the person who would not only teach me about Japan, but about life as well."


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