We agree, if you are learning Russian and you are interested in improving it, the perfect country to put it into practice is Russia. Live and study in Russia with Nacel.

The biggest country in the world! Participate in our high school exchange programs in Russia so that you improve your Russian and also discover the russian culture.

Nacel Russian Federation highlights

Top 10 reasons to learn Russian in Russia with Nacel

  • To learn Russian in Russia with Nacel is an affordable way to improve your Russian abroad.
  • In order to gain fluency, you will need to immerse yourself daily in a Russian-speaking environment. The better place is Russia!
  • Taste Borsch, blintzes, Pelmeni, irozhkí and a lot more dishes of the Russian cuisine. That's really tasty!
  • After your Russian courses in Russia, discover Moscow or Saint Petersburg.
  • Meet new friends in Russia after your Russian courses at language school.
  • After your russian courses, try to read one of the book of Leon Tolstoy in Russian.
  • Learn more about the Russian revolution reading books and documents at the national library of Russia.
  • Our host families will know how to make you discover their culture after your courses at high school in Russia.
  • Visit the red square and Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow with your new friends and take a lot of photos!
  • Nacel has more than 60 years of experience in language courses and high school exchange programs and it's a language course leader in the French and European market.

Since 1957, Nacel offers a wide range of study abroad programs for students and adults: Russian courses at a language school or in the Russian teacher's home, summer camps, high school exchange programs in Russia. Our Russian coordinators will make your language trip in Russia an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

We offer you English courses in the most beautiful destinations in Russia: High school exchange in Russia!

Invest in your education, learn Russian in Russia with us and travel cheaper and more localHundreds of students have already traveled with Nacel. You are welcomed in the Nacel's family as well!

Russia in short


  • Country: Russia
  • Inhabitants: 144.526.636
  • Climate: continental
  • Capital: Moscow
  • Government’s type: federal semi-presidential republic
  • Currency: Russian ruble
  • Main religions: Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, other
  • Languages: Russian
  • National holiday: june 12, Russia Day
  • GBP per capita: 10,743.1 $ (2017)

Russian is the most commonly spoken language in Europe. It is not only the official language of Russian, but also of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Additionally, It’s spoken in other countries as: Israel, Ukraine, Armenia and in the Balkans. In all these countries, the pronunciation can differ a lot, and native’s accent can make comprehension tough for an unused ear. Learn Russian in Russia and you'll get the right accent.

If you wish to discover the architectural charms of Moscow, the great St. Petersburg and his famous history, or the sparkling Vladivostok come and learn Russian in Russia with us. Take the opportunity to live a matchless experience thanks to our Russian courses!

Book a Russian language course in Russia with Nacel!

Whether you decide to go in a Russian language school, to an academic year in Russia or to live in total immersion in a Russian family, we offer a whole range of programs to meet your needs, and to allow you to learn Russian in Russia!

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