Work and Travel in Australia: What else?

Some days ago we introduced you to the Work and Travel program in New Zealand. The same program also exists in Australia! Have you ever dreamt of visiting Australia? Make your dream come true! Let's work and travel in this big country!

  • Australia has had a very long past history related to languages. Indeed, before European people settled there Australia had been inhabitated for more than 40 000 years by about 250 different indigenous languages.

  • Nowadays, English is the official language of this huge country located in the Pacific ocean.

  • Australia is also known for its wonderful landscapes and unique wildlife:kangaroos, koalas, ostriches and many other species. Its Christmas that some people usually spent on the beautiful beaches getting a suntan or surfing is also very typical! Moreover Australia is a real cosmopolitan country since you can meet not only Asians but also Europeans, North and South Americans or Russians as well... among other nationalities of course! So if you're eager to discover cultures from all over the world, Australia has been made for you... Tell me, what's better than working in an English-speaking country if you definitely want to improve your English skills? And if you could enjoy the beaches and the sun at the same time to relax? The Work and Travel in Australia could be the perfect program to do so!
  • Work and Travel program is availabe for citizens of the following countries: UK, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, Korea, Malta, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Finland, Cyprus, France, Italy, Taiwan, Estonia, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and the USA. NEW IN 2010! Bangladesh; Indonesia; Iran.

Don't wait any longer and take part in! Seize this great opportunity! The kangaroos' country is waiting for you!

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