Work and Study in Canada ! 

Here is Ababacar's testimonial. Ababacar, a young 26 years old French student, is currently participating in the Work and Study program in Canada. The Work and Study program in Canada allows students to learn English in a carefully selected language school in Vancouver, and then to get some professional experience by working in a Canadian resort. The Work and Study program is a 6 or 12 months program, and includes 6 or 12 weeks of in school language study, plus evening classes.  This is the perfect program for anyone wishing to discover Canada, but also wanting to get real work field experience! When we interviewed Ababacar, he was beginning his Work and Study program in Canada, and was still attending courses in the language school in Vancouver!

  • Ababacar, would you agree to answer a few questions about your program? It is with a great pleasure that I agree to participate to your interview. The school is cool, people are cool, the family is more or less cool, and I'm living with a Brazilian. This is a really great town, I'm having a crush!

  • Why did you choose to participate at this type of program (work and study)? Why did you want to improve your English? What were your objectives before departure? I would lie if I'd say I have chosen this program only for the courses. I choose it because it would allow me to get money in addition to the courses. Regarding my objectives, before leaving France I wanted to do a theater school. I really want to be an actor, and now I want to stay in Canada to keep on studying there.

  • Speak about the school! Courses are good. You are feeling at your ease upon your arrival, even if you're shy. There are people from all over the world, a lot of Brazilians. Teachers are great, sometimes they speak quickly, but one, which I consider the best: Mr Hyde, I really want people to know he is the best, I succeed in understanding all the things he says, and I'm not the only one! Nothing to say about the school's location, it is in the heart of the city, many shops. Courses are not boring! Why? There are a lot of breaks, and during these breaks you keep on learning since you speak English!

Thank you Ababacar! We hope you will enjoy the end of your stay!

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