Want to study in France? Here is what our student's have to say....

France statistically being one of the most popular study abroad destinations has proven to be effectively satisfying students expectations. Take a look at what some of our students have to say:

  • NAME: David PROGRAM: High School France David spent an academic year in France (2004 - 2005), in the Brittany region as part of Nacel Canadas Academic Programs. Though he chose to delay graduating from high school to participate in the program, David quotes It was a great experience and Ive taken a lot from it. He does admit it took him about a month to adjust to the language, I had a good vocabulary but putting it together so I made sense took about a month. Though school kept him busy, he also found time to do some tourist things with his host family. Part of the program includes the participant be placed with a host family in the region., David describes his family as very stereotypically French for example, meals at home consisted of several courses. He also made lots of friends in France, whom he says he will likely visit when he returns to France.  

  • NAME: Kelly PROGRAM: Language Summer Camp France  I just want to drop you a little note to say that Kellys trip to Lyon was outstanding. She loved Ludo (the Tutor) and she truly bonded with her French family. She is just full of stories and grand memories. She didnt think that she actually learned much French from the classes but she certainly learned a lot from living in that environment  not only in comprehension but in her confidence to speak French and confidence in general. This trip further developed admiration and interest to learn more about the French and the French culture. 

  • NAME: Jennifer PROGRAM: Language Summer Camp France Overall, I gained experience and pleasure during my time in France-I enjoyed the tutor sessions (my tutor: Guilmette) immensely, and the excursions were excellent for learning about French history and culture (although, I do recommend making them active-based, perhaps.) Nacel France has changed the tutorial slightly for more physical activities in 2006. Jennifer continued to write I feel that I returned from France with a new sense of mind, and greater control over the French language. I can speak faster, and more fluently-although Im nowhere near perfect-and I have had a glorious time reciting my many experiences to my friends and family.my host parents were very welcoming and accepting of my cultural differences, were always attempting to help me learn more about the French. My host-brothers also communicated in a proficient and friendly manner, as well-they were very welcoming.

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