Turistic advantages of studying abroad in China! 

Learning Mandarin in China is undeniably a great experience for the students as they are free to travel around many places and can also learn more about Chinese culture and economy.

While you study abroad in China you must visit the top attractions of Beijing.

  • Great Wall Climbing the Great Wall is a must for you no matter what! Most of the sections of the Great Wall in Beijing are well-preserved and mainly the relics dating from the Ming Dynasty, the time for huge construction.

  • Temple of Heaven ( Tiantan ) One of the real highlights in the southern Beijing city. You can find many people doing all types of kung fu and taiji and other morning exercises if you enter in the Temple early in the morning.

  • Ming Tombs This is the burial area of 13 out of 17 emperors of the Ming Dynasty which is why it's also called the "13 tombs".

  • Forbidden City (Imperial Palace) The Forbidden City is an ideal place for you to explore the mysterious face of Beijing. 250 acres with over 9,000 rooms built in the 14th century and re-built in the 18th.

China will marvel anyone in an instant, study abroad students gain such a new perspective from this culture, besides acquiring knowledge about it's history and valuable skills of the language.

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